Xbox April 2022 Update: New features and improvements

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As part of its ongoing improvements to the Xbox platform, Microsoft has announced and is now offering three useful changes to the Xbox Series X/S dashboard and controller. While not bringing groundbreaking features, gamers will enjoy several quality of life improvements and enhancements. Key points of the Xbox March 2022 update include the option to lock games into quick resume, a controller firmware update, an Audio updates and more.

Pin to Quick Resume

Quick Resume is a feature on the latest generation of Xbox consoles. It allows players to quickly return to previously played games with minimal loading time. Switching between different games will no longer take your favorite titles out of Quick Resume.

Share Button Remapping

Microsoft has made it possible to remap the share button on the latest generation of Xbox wireless controllers, the Xbox Elite Series 2, or the Xbox Adaptive Controller. By default, a single tap takes a screenshot and a long tap initiates video recording. The new firmware changes the default behavior to allow users to select different actions. Such as opening the achievements list, muting the TV, or launching an app.

The latest controller firmware improves the performance of Bluetooth-enabled Xbox controllers, in addition to improved button remapping. Interestingly, multi-device support for Xbox wireless controllers, which Microsoft promised months ago, is not yet available.

HDMI Audio Setup Guide

In addition, an HDMI Audio Device Setup Wizard is provided to walk you through the various steps to properly connect the speakers. Also, make the necessary settings. It is accessible under setting, first select General > Volume and Audio Output > and then select Audio Setup.

Conclusion:Xbox March 2022

With Microsoft’s regular software and firmware updates, the Xbox interface that adorns all-new Xbox consoles is already feature-packed. On Wednesday, a handful of features that have been tested by dedicated Xbox Insiders will begin rolling out to all players as the Xbox March Update on the Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One consoles.

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