Why are my Airpods so quiet? Problems & Solutions

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You may have Apple AirPods, and over time you may be wondering why my AirPods are so quiet. So here are some simple ways to solve this serious problem that you can easily do yourself and solve the voice problem with your Apple AirPods. In this article, we will show you some simple ways. You can increase the volume of your AirPods and easily solve the problem of the low volume of AirPods. So read the full post to understand more about the processes. Try to use these methods when using AirPods with your Apple iPhone.

Why are my AirPods so quiet?

First of all, you need to know that there is no only one reason why air pods should be too small or too loud. There can be many reasons, but there is no way to know for sure what the exact reason is without first examining the different things, so that we will go over them now!

1.      Your air pods are full of earwax or dirt.

Gunk, whether it’s the reason from your ears, dusty environment, or anywhere else, if it gets into your AirPods, you’ll hear the difference. This is the first reason your Airpods are not making as much noise in your ears as they used to. The volume can be significantly reduced

 when earwax forms inside your air pods.


You need to clean the dirt stick around your AirPods buds; you can do this with your old toothbrush and use some dirt cleaning liquid. When cleaning your AirPods, you should be careful not to use any sharp tools or water that could damage your AirPods. It is most suitable to utilize a toothbrush with soft bristles and cotton.

2.      Low power mode

Sometimes, switching to low power mode on an iOS device can limit the audio output of some apps consuming a lot of battery, which can affect how things run out loud. Although there is no volume control setting in the app, you listen to music.

It doesn’t make sense because AirPods have their battery, but that’s exactly how iOS works.


If you’re wondering why your AirPods suddenly became so quiet, check your iPhone’s settings to check if your device is in low power. If you are using low power mode, turn it off, and the volume should return to normal! But don’t forget to charge ASAP!

3.      Volume limit on your iPhone

Many phones and in-ear headphones have a protective mechanism that prevents the volume from getting too high and damaging your ears. That feature works very well; you can keep your music or streaming volume high enough without damaging your ears. Sometimes, it may be limited, which can cause Airpods to quit.


This way, it is possible to modify the volume limit by going to Settings, then General, then Accessibility, and scrolling down to find the volume limit. This shouldn’t be a problem if you’re using your AirPods with an Android device, but most devices have an audio limiter to prevent hearing loss.

4.      Software Problem

Your phone or tablet and laptop may need a software update, or it may run into problems on its own. If so, it could also be causing problems with your AirPods, allowing them to play audio at lower volumes. If you are experiencing other issues with your AirPods, such as a connection failure or a tendency to play in one ear only, there may be a software issue.


Check to ensure that the device with which the AirPods are paired has up-to-date software and does not contain any viruses or other issues. Sometimes, all your devices need a simple software update to work again!

5.      Low battery

If your AirPods are completely dead, they will have no audio output. Review to check if you have enough battery life before using both pods! Keep in mind that you should also make sure that your AirPods case is charging properly and has enough battery to keep your devices charged.


Charge your Airpods properly with Apple Airpods fast charger.


Many people on the web are still complaining about quite Airpods, but there are many different reasons why this could happen. The most common are listed above but if you are still having trouble, then leave a comment below.

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