What is Wordle hints, and how to play Wordle and find hints?

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Unless you live under a stone, you must have heard of the Wordle game and Wordle hints. You know the game that millions of individuals play every day. And they’re not only playing but also participating in Wordle conversations on social networks as if it were an integral part of their everyday life. Yes, Wordle has such a pull force.

They want to get better at it. You also want. After all, there’s no pinpoint in spending time on something every day if you don’t get any reward. And Wordle awards you with the ability to share your glorious results online in the form of green, yellow, and grey tiles that show the unique path you’ve reached the word.

You’re curious how you can get better at this phenomenon of word guess? Do you want to do better than your friends in Wordle and want to find Wordle hints? This guide is right for you.

What is Wordle?

Wordle is an uncomplicated online word game that causes people to find a five-letter word in six assumptions — a new puzzle is published daily. It’s like Internet fashion. It’s universal, educational, and free! The better part is that Wordle is also without advertising, with the founder Josh Wardle promising to continue to be one. The British software engineer wanted to create a fun and simple game to enjoy himself and his partner. After he shared his creation in the WhatsApp family group, the number of fans in the game grew incredibly. Thanks to pages like Reddit and Twitter, where people create communities of fans and easily share their results, the user base jumped from 90 players on November 1st to over 300,000 by the beginning of 2022.

Considering some of the most uncertain viral trends we’ve seen over the last few years (looking at you, a cancerous challenge), it’s great to see how fun and the free game has become such a world hit. If you can handle five-letter words, try!

Where can we play Wordle?

You can play Wordle on the Internet at https://www.nytimes.com/games/wordle/index.html.

And while there is no formal mobile application for Wordle, you can efficiently play the game in a web browser on your Android phone, iPhone, or iPad.

Although many mobile apps in the App Store and Play Store have Wordle in their headlines, they’re not the real Wordle. They’re good for a game, but those aren’t there if you want the real Wordle.

There’s only one Wordle puzzle a day.

If you don’t recognize Wordle for the day, you’ll have to wait until tomorrow to guess a new 5-letter word.

Who is the founder of the Wordle game?

Wordle was created by Josh Wardell, a software engineer from New York. It made a prototype in 2013. and he’s flowing it out of dust during the pandemic for his partner, who likes to play games in words.

Getting Started

Although no native application exists for Wordle, the next best option is to attach the progressive web application to your initial experience pane, similar to an application launched just as a backup Android application.

How to install Wordle game on your Android phone

  • Open the Google Chrome.
  • Navigate to the Wordle home page https://www.nytimes.com/games/wordle/index.html.
  • Click the three vertical points at the top right to access the scrolling menu.
  • Press Add to Home Pane > Add.
  • Click the three vertical points at the top right to access the gradient menu.
  • Tap Add to Home screen > Add.
  • Tap Add again in the secondary pop-up note to finish; Wordle is already on your home screen.

Customize Wordle settings

You’ll have a few options to handle, improving your overall experience.

To access your settings, tap the gear icon at the top right corner.

Some options will appear in the menu: mode, Dark Theme, and High Contrast Mode.

To turn on any of these options, tap the slider while highlighted green or orange (high contrast mode).

Enabling a hard mode will force you to use unsolved hints in your following assumption; this will help users structure their assumptions around the green and yellow letters — you will no longer lose and repeat letters.

The dark theme flips the colors in the application so that if you prefer a darker white background, turn it on.

It is advised that you turn on high contrast mode if you have color blindness. Yellow is superseded by blue, and green is replaced by orange.

How to play the Wordle game?

Wordle is a comfortable game; once you find the tricks and advice, it’s easy to win. Let’s start with the foundations of how Wordle plays.

Wordle’s purpose is to assume the right five-letter word, so to get started, type any five-letter word and see the results.

Once you type your first word, individual letters will be colored. Green means that the letter and position are correct, yellow means that the letter is correct, but the work is not, and gray means that the letter is not in the five-letter word.

Continue to guess five-letter words and use the colors to make decisions. Be careful; you only have six assumptions to find the right five-letter word!

If you assume the right word, congratulations, you’ve succeeded. If you don’t guess correctly, the right five-letter word will be revealed to you after your sixth guess.

The most complicated part of Wordle is a good understanding of five-letter words — something that we sometimes have difficulty with. To succeed in Wordle, you’ll have to think of typical letters in exact five-letter words — does it sounds complicated? Well, you need a word search engine for Wordle. With Word Tips Wordle Solver, you can utilize Advanced Find Tools to find every five-letter word with any of the typical characters you need, and you can also turn off letters. If you want to succeed in Wordle, this tool will be priceless.

How to find today’s Wordle hints?

Are you desperate to continue using Wordle and want to find Worsle hints? Here’s how you can immediately find out who Wordle’s hints is today.

Wordle is a game that may have been created specifically to brag in front of your friends. This can happen in a few forms, including understanding the word for the day for three rotations compared to five rotations per friend or getting the correct answer every day for months.

How do you find out what today’s Wordle hints or answers?

Players can immediately understand Wordle hints today by using a second browser or opening a browser incognito.

Wordle does not use any system entry but instead tracks the player’s experience in the game with the help of a cookie. This makes it easier to start the game, but it can prevent the progress of players who use several devices to play Wordle. The good news for participants who don’t mind the fraud is that it allows players to strengthen their numbers and keep their winning series artificially.

For players playing Wordle on a computer, it’s easier to open a cognitive or private section in the browser. Each primary browser has a different name for this, with Microsoft Edge calling these In-Private tags, Google Chrome screaming them Incognito, and Safari and Firefox shouting them Private Browsing.

Players are effectively researching what the word is by opening a new window that doesn’t use the same cookies. This can be done by testing words or putting the same word six times to get an answer. From there on, players can open the game generally in the same browser that contains their retained progress and put the right word in.

It’s obviously a fraud, but it’s effective, and the game can’t actually find it. Or your competing friends.

Tips and tricks to win Wordle Game or hints

How to find wordle hints

Wordle showed up on the stage in the conditions of incredible noise. If you, like everyone else, are addicted to the word game, you might wonder how to improve your performance in Wordle.

You can apply several strategies to get a better result and achieve a steady series of successful puzzle solving. Some of them may be more pronounced than others, but use these tips and tips, and in no time will you be the champion of Wordle —

Here some best tips to find Wordle hints and win Wordle

Don’t try to guess the word at the first rotation.

To successfully solve a Wordle puzzle, you must use a strategy. Don’t let all your powers go without considering your possibilities. Logic should be your primary approach when you play Wordle.

There are thousands of potential Wordle solutions, so the probability of knowing it is negligible. Instead, refer to your first word as a sacrifice word; this is the first step in your plan to beat Wordle with a better result because you’re not losing your first move.

Most common letters

To decide Wordle as efficiently as possible, try words that include the letters e, t, and oh, n, c, and p; these are the most common in English. Another great trick is starting with words that begin with the letters t, a, o, d and w; these are again the most common initial letters in English.

Every time you begin with the same word.

Although this doesn’t guarantee success, starting with the same word every time can give you an essential strategy for every game. You can eventually select the correct word on your first try. Redtruders, TikTokers, and YouTubers have even done statistical analyses of the frequency of letters so that you can use their data as a source.

Don’t rush your turn.

So you’ve already arranged your first word. What are you going to do next? Nothing. At slightly, not for a few minutes. Remember, you have 24 hours to find a successful solution, so pause for reflection until you consider your next strategic step.

Consider what letters you have left to guess. Are there words that pop you out right away using successfully gummed letters and those you’ll still be removing?

Reduce your mind before engaging in your second move; you’ve got enough time to get over those letters!

Keep away from repeating letters.

As we’ve already mentioned, it is not advisable to use repeating-letter words as a starting guess. Entering words such as GUESS, MELEE, and AMASS may cause you to want more details.

Words can have two or more events of the same letter, leading to difficult situations. For example, let’s say that the word of the day is THANKS, and you know (from your previous attempts) that there is an S in the answer. So, if your next guess is a sort of A.H., Wordle will return a green tile to 5th and yellow to 2nd place. This will confirm the location of the 1st S while informing you about the presence of the 2nd S.

Don’t ignore any hints.

Six attempts. That’s all you obtain every day when you start deciding Wordle for that day. These trials are valuable, and you should try not to lose them for nothing. The hints that Wordle transmits are even more valuable after each prediction is entered. Ignoring suggestions is equivalent to losing experience because the primary purpose of the experiment is to give you more details about the secret word.

Each tile is vital for the narrowing of possibilities. Green and yellow tiles are essential, of course, but grey tiles are equally important. They tell you directly that a letter does not appear in the answer. Accept it or not, there are situations where careful consideration of the gray tiles will help you get to the solution of the moment.

You can use Google without cheating.

If everything else fails, there’s a way that the guzzle can help you solve the Wordle without expressly deceiving. Let’s say you’re stuck directly and can’t remember words that start with S and end with R, but even fewer words that include A in 2nd, 3rd, or 4th place. Here’s what you’re going to do: jump to https://www.google.co.in/ and look for “five letter words that start with S and end with R.”

Use your skills to Google and open the corresponding search result

Practice with other word games

As you say, practice makes things perfect. There are a lot of Wordle copies that allow you to play as many games as you want. And there are many other word games you can play, which will expand your dictionary.

Okay, well, maybe it doesn’t help you to guess faster, at least not instantly, but the other five-letter words you know, the more you have in your arsenal to consider potential solutions in your head.

Frequently asked questions

How do I share my Wordle game results?

After you’ve finished the game, tap or click the Share button that appears, then you can go to Twitter, Facebook, or messaging app and paste your results to share them.

What do numbers mean when people publish their results on social networks?

When people publish their results, numbers appear above the green and yellow squares that look like this: 208 4/6. The first digit means the man played game 208. Every day a new game obtains a new number. And “4/6” indicates that the man thought four times before he knew the word of the day correctly. Figure “6” represents the six assumptions available to players. X/6 means the player has lost.

How does Wordle track my statistics?

Wordle utilizes your browser’s cookies to remember your statistics, such as playing games, victory rate, current series, and maximum series.

Did Wordle repeat words from now on?

Whenever you wake up, Wordle’s website works behind the scenes to choose a 5-letter word from a randomly arranged list of 2315 words.

If you wonder if Wordle repeated words by January 26th, 2022, we’re happy to tell you not. So far, 221 different words have been played in the world. Every day, a new word.


We hope our short guide has introduced you to everything you need to start playing and sharing this fantastic new word-finding game. Do you have everything you require to win the Wordle? There’s only one way to understand this. Try today and remember to share your network with your friends.

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