What is the Tesla phone price and Release date? Updated Specs News

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Here is information about the new Tesla Phone Price 2022 (5G). First, look, price, main features, and launch date! ? Elon Musk’s first smartphone, Tesla, will make a new “Model Pi” that will be active on Mars. Friends, many of you know that Tesla is a very big company. This company already makes many cars and rockets. I remember hearing that the new Tesla Phone 2022 would be a smartphone suitable for the next generation. But everyone liked to know why Tesla didn’t make a smartphone.

Tesla Model Pi Concept Phone 2022 is coming soon. Here we added the latest leaked specs for this phone. The information below about the Tesla Model Pi Concept Phone may change. That’s because Tesla makes this phone. Tesla Model Pi Concept Phone is one of the latest smartphones of 2022. It has so many great features. It has a lot of memory and a lot of RAM. Also, this phone has a great camera and battery backup.

What is the Tesla Model Pi phone?

The known car manufacturer Tesla is reportedly to place a futuristic smartphone on the market soon, the Tesla Model Pi Phone. There are several messages on the Internet about this next generation of technology. They all look true.

The smartphone is expected to be the first satellite phone available to the general public. It will also allow Neuralink to work on Mars and extract bitcoin.

Tesla Phone Launch Date

Tesla put out an umbrella with a logo. No one talks about selling their cell phones.

Musk clearly says it will not revive old technology (including smartphones) but also supports many new encryption currencies it shouldn’t have. One thing is sure: never rely on Elon Musk.

He carried his car into space, but did we think he was an ordinary man? He should be eccentric.

Tesla Phone Launch Date rumors

According to some whispers, the launch of the Tesla Phone is around 2023.

There is no evidence to support this. Tesla needs an army to build a smartphone for Tesla because it’s full of projects in hand.

Tesla Phone Price | How much does the Tesla Phone cost?

Before you come to the price of the Tesla phone, imagine what this device looks like. The function and power this phone gives you will fly out of the world. Now, Tesla’s smartphone won’t be thousands of dollars or even cheaper?

Probably, when people start buying the Model Pi of a Tesla phone, prices are expected to fall, like all Apple’s iPhones. Therefore, the initial model for Tesla Smartphone will be between $800 and $1,200.

Tesla phone price

Tesla Pi Phone Specs

The Tesla Pi 5G 2022 spec is quite remarkable. It has a 6.7″ screen, a fingerprint scanner on the screen, and three cameras on the back. It has 16GB of RAM and the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 processor. It is made of metal and glass and weighs slightly more than 208g. The screen size is 6.7 inches, and the resolution is 2778 x 1284. This smartphone is ideal for gamers, photographers, and others who want to do more than one thing at a time.

Pre-order Information

We imagine that announcements will take place long months before the official placing on the market, and pre-orders can start earlier. However, we do not know when the Tesla telephone order can begin without a marketing reference date.

We will provide all the appropriate pre-order links here if we run into reliable information about placing on the market.

Tesla phone features

Given the super-modern functions of the existing Tesla products, such as the almost impenetrable cyber mobile exoskeleton and the bioweapons protection regime in some of their other vehicles, the rumors of this phone are not surprising.

Here’s what we heard.

Neuralink Connectivity

Tesla’s little brother, Neuralink, works on something secret. And it’s about something that directly connects the human brain to a computer. Now, this isn’t the first time we’re seeing a flashing of technology that’s evolving 10 years forward.

We still think this is possible, as is the computer’s connection with the human brain. If this could happen in a technology laboratory in 2022, it was until 2030. It can happen through Tesla’s smartphone.

Improved Collaboration with Electric Vehicles

Industry experts say the new cell phone will be more integrated with Tesla’s car, allowing more control by tapping the button.

It is also said that you can lock, unlock, adjust temperature, media, and more from your mobile phone.

Solar charge

Because Tesla makes solar panels and cars, this is not a crazy idea. While mobile phones will not rely solely on solar power, they can have a Tesla-branded case that allows for some solar charge.

Mining of Crypto Currencies

In the other press, it will mine the cryptocurrency. Since Musk has publicly announced cryptocurrency in the past, it’s no wonder we want to incorporate it into our mobile phones. Bitcoin is more popular, and Mr. Musk probably likes existing Dogecoin, but the rumor says Tesla’s mobile phone will take out a new coin called MarsCoin. To make sure this works, you need to apply some serious hardware.

What’s the most significant source of revenue for Tesla?

There was nothing to say about the possible prices for mobile phones.

Tesla is now more than $868 billion and the most valuable car company, which exceeds the total capital of Toyota, Nissan, Ford, and Volkswagen.

Texas-based company’s most significant share of its revenue is EV sales, mainly from low-cost model Y and model 3.

The company posted the most significant quarterly net profit from October through December.

Despite a global semiconductor shortage and supply chain turmoil, net profit exceeded $2 billion for the first time. Net profit rose about 760% to over $2.3 billion in the same period last year.

Is Tesla Model Pi real or fake?

Is Tesla actually going to launch a cell phone? By now, you’ve noticed that Tesla Model Pi is not accurate. It may exist some years later, but it cannot exist now. From a realistic perspective, there are many reasons for this.

Most rumors about this device started after Antonio de Rosa, an Italian graphic designer, published a rendering of Model Pi on her YouTube channel. But people missed an explanation that he had nothing to do with Tesla and that all the photographs were images.

Some users took it seriously and began to worry about Model Pi. In my opinion, the Elon Musk gadget is accurate, and it doesn’t make sense to think about it until you tweet it when it’s under development.

If you don’t believe his tweet anymore, you can wait for the official announcement from Tesla himself.


The Tesla Pi Phone model price will be between $800 and $1,200, but if more people leverage this technology, it could be less. Given the speed of recent technological advances, this should happen soon.

Tesla Pi Phone is a revolutionary new smartphone that will change the industry. However, we must wait for Tesla Pi 2022 to be officially revealed.

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