What is Marshall Aerospace and Defence Group?

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What is Marshall Aerospace and Defence Group with a complete profile and description?

Marshall Aerospace and Defence Group is the largest private and independent company in the aerospace and defense sector. It provides innovation and excellence in engineering and supports solutions in the air, land, and sea.

Marshall Aerospace and Defence Group specialize in modifying military, commercial, and business aircraft and defense vehicle engineering and shelter manufacturing. They also provide maintenance, integration, manufacturing, product support, engineering design, manufacturing, testing, talent delivery, training, and advice.

Motivation for establishing the Marshall Aerospace and Defense Group

Company profile

The Marshall Aerospace and Defense Group (MADG) is one of the world’s largest independent aerospace and defense companies. It has a reputation for innovation and outstanding engineering. As a member of the 110-year-old Marshal Group, they offer outstanding capabilities in the modification, transformation, care, and aid of civil and martial aircraft, defense automobile engineering, composites solutions, advanced container systems, and tactical shelters.

They are also pursuing the ultimate goal of “protecting people in critical situations.” Their team of 1,800 talented employees across the UK, Canada, Europe, and the UAE boast a shared sense of purpose and the ability to solve issues that others cannot solve.

They have the ambition to develop further as world leaders. If you desire to be a component of an organization where people are a concern, take this opportunity to be part of it.

 Present Project of Marshall Aerospace and Defence Group

This time, they have an excellent opportunity to increase the number of firefighters. Firefighters at Cambridge Airport are involved in a wide range of other essential duties. Including aircraft marshaling, baggage handling, wildlife risk management, snow removal, aircraft deicing, and aircraft towing. This work is customer-centered and is expected to interact with customers and crew members to have a great experience at Cambridge Airport. It’s essential to show a diplomatic and professional attitude while playing an essential role in your business. Moreover, Cambridge Airport is a one-team airport. Although it is a fire department or busy airside environment, you may need help in other areas to never compromise customer service.

Vision of Company

  • To provide safe and effective rescue and firefighting services to people in need.
  • Responding to various accidents, including aircraft-related emergencies and first aid
  • In addition to attending the International Fire Management Training Center twice a year, they will participate in a comprehensive training program within the Bureau and maintain high capabilities.
  • Evidence from personal training records
  • Support for regular tests and inspections of fire defense equipment
  • Management of Internal Control Documents for Regulatory Inspection
  • Support for people with disabilities and those being transported by ambulance
  • Conduct educational visits such as school/scout/brownie and explain the purpose of the service.
  • Merchandising and lighting services for aircraft.
  • Support for a wide range of ground-based operations related to safety, such as hazard control for wild animals, ice protection for aircraft, and snow removal
  • Consistently deliver a high class of client service.
  • Communicate with other airport teams to provide seamless customer service.
  • Comply with all provisions of the Industrial Safety and Health Act.
  • carry out the reasonable work required for

Marshall Aerospace and Defence Group properties:

Marshal Group Properties owns and is responsible for 364 hectares (about 900 acres) of land, including the site of Cambridge Airport and land adjacent to the airport. The team manages more than 1.5 million square feet of commercial and industrial buildings and employs sustainable farming methods in its cultivated land. So, through large-scale development projects, they are developing approximately 1,200 houses, primary schools, community centers, and other infrastructure to bring change to the eastern side of Cambridge.

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