What is Artificial Intelligence with examples?

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What is Artificial Intelligence with examples?

Artificial intelligence is an approach that makes a computer, a robot, or an outcome think as a human being thinks wisely. AI analyzes how the human brain thinks, learns, judges, and solves problems, ultimately creating an intelligent software system. The faith of AI is to develop computers related to human intelligence, such as thinking, training, and problem-solving. Here we briefly explain What is Artificial Intelligence with examples? so that article will be interesting for you.
Intelligence is questionable. It consists of the following elements:
Problem resolution
Linguistic intelligence

Future Goals of Artificial Intelligence

AI’s research goals cover reasoning, knowledge description, planning, learning, typical language processing, recognition, and the capacity to move and manage objects. In the field of general intelligence, there is a long-term goal.
There is no debate or opposition in the history of AI. There are attempts to replicate human nature into machines and interpret human activity as a result of processes like machines. For example, there was a current debate on cognitive psychology, and in the early days of AI, there was a threat of a computer writing poetry. Now it’s a joke, and the publication that opposes AI based on philosophical and scientific evidence no longer appears in scientific literature. Artificial Intelligence is also future technology, it is going to cover every field of life.

The primary purpose of AI is to enable computers to perform intelligent work such as decision-making, problem-solving, perception, and human communication. It also includes understanding and translation in any language.

Artificial Intelligence

Examples of Artificial Intelligence


Siri is one of Apple’s most prominent personal applications on iPhone and iPad. The approachable female voice assistant interacts with the user daily. Find information, send directions, send messages, make voice calls, launch applications, add events to your calendar, and more.

Siri uses machine learning technology to make it more intelligent and easier to understand questions and requests in natural language. Siri is undoubtedly one of the most advanced examples of Artificial intelligence


Not just smartphones but also automobiles are shifting towards artificial intelligence. Tesla is one of the best car industries using AI technology for a self-driving car. Tesla car is getting smarter every day due to wireless updates.


Netflix is a widely-used, content-on-demand site that practices predictive technology to deliver promoted content. It is primarily base on consumer response, interest, choice, and behavior. This technology examines from many records to recommend movies based on consumers’ past flavors and reactions.

This technology is becoming more productive over the years. The only drawback of this technology is that small movies can not detect, and giant movies grow and spread on the platform. But as I wrote earlier, this technology is still being improved and learning to be more intelligent.


Pandora is one of the famous and demanding of all the tech solutions in existence. It is also named the DNA of harmony. Depending on the musical characteristics of 400, a team of professional musicians analyzes the songs individually.

Flying drone

The flying drone is in test mode, but it already delivers the product to the customer’s home. Flying drones are equipped with robust machine learning systems that can convert environments into 3D models using sensors and video cameras.

We can install sensors and cameras on the ceiling to determine the drone’s location in the room. With the Wi-Fi system, you can control your drones and use them for specific purposes such as product delivery, video production, news reporting, etc.


The Echo released by Amazon is getting more innovative and more intelligent, adding new features. Alexa Voice Service is a revolutionary product that allows you to search. You can explore a book, shop, interact with lights, switches, thermostats, answer questions, and provide sports scores and schedules.

Maps and navigation

AI has dramatically improved travel. Instead of relying on printed maps and directions, you can now enter your destination using Waze, Google, and Apple Maps on your phone.

The number of houses and buildings could be identified and understood. We also try to understand traffic changes and recommend routes that avoid obstacles and traffic jams.

Face detection and recognition

Using virtual filters on the face when taking photos and facial recognition to unlock mobile phones are examples of artificial intelligence. The former is “face detection,” that anyone can identify a person’s face. The latter uses face recognition to recognize specific faces. Facial recognition uses for monitoring and security in government agencies and airports.

Text editors and autocorrect

Translators and computer scientists work together to teach grammar to machines as they train at school. Algorithms introduce high-quality language data, so the editor will find it even if you’re using the wrong comma.


For customers, the interaction with customer service is time-consuming and stressful. For the enterprise, customer service is an ineffective department, and costs and management are complex. The use of AI chatbots is becoming a popular solution for artificial intelligence. Programmed algorithms allow machines to answer common questions, track orders, and make phone calls.

In addition, Chatbots are configuring to mimic the conversation style of customer contacts through natural language processing (NLP). Advanced chatbots do not require a specific form of input (e.g., yes/no questions). You can also answer complex questions that need detailed answers. If you give a bad rating to the answer you get, the bot will maximize customer satisfaction by identifying the mistakes you made and correcting them for the next time.

Digital Assistant

When both hands are complete, we often ask our digital assistants to work on their behalf. For example, you may ask your assistant to call your mother (children, don’t drive your email) when driving a car. A virtual assistant like Siri is an AI that accesses contacts, identifies the word “mom,” and then calls that number. These assistants use NLP, ML, statistical analysis, and algorithm execution to determine what you are looking for and get it for you. Voice search and image search are similar.

Social media

Social media applications use AI support to do many tasks, such as monitoring content, suggesting connections, and providing advertisements to targeted users, allowing you to invest and stay “plugged in.”

The AI algorithm can identify keywords and visually identify images, identify and quickly delete doubtful posts that violate the Terms. Deep learning’s neural network architecture is an essential component of this process, but it’s not all.

Internet Banking

Going to a bank every time you do a transaction is a massive waste of time. Banks are now using artificial intelligence to simplify the payment process and improve customer convenience.

Intelligent algorithms enable you to deposit, transfer and even open accounts anywhere, leveraging AI for security, identity management, and privacy management.

You can also detect potential fraud by observing user credit card usage. It is also another example of artificial intelligence. The algorithm knows what products User X typically purchases, when, where, and at what price range.

If an unusual activity does not match the user’s profile, the system can alert you or prompt you to confirm the transaction.

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