What is an iPhone Lens Protector, and how to get the best One?

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The perfect camera lens protector for iPhone is a key investment for those who want to get the most out of their new smartphone. Every new iteration of the iPhone brings exciting new features. The iPhone 11 stands out with its great firmware, hardware, and a powerful combination of three-lens cameras.

But unfortunately, that big camera means that it is very likely to break. The large square portion of glass on the back of the iPhone is like a magnet to call an accident. Apple has supported a lot of time and struggled to create high-quality camera technology. It is only natural that we want to protect this asset because it has such excellent functions—the iPhone camera protector assists in this.

How to choose the best iPhone lens protector?

If you are spending your hard-earned money on buying the latest iPhone version on the market, it is clear that you buy all the protective gear to protect it from any disaster. One of the best protection gears for your new iPhone 12 pro max is the iPhone lens protector, and here are some factors that you need to consider before making a purchase.


When it comes to materials used to make camera lens protectors, the first is plastic, and the second is a glass protector; there are two variations. These two categories are divided into thinner and tampered films. What do you think will serve the best purpose as an iPhone lens protector out of these two?

The strengthened one provides the iPhone lens with great resistance from scratches and attacks. Thin films may look attractive and clean, but there is always a fear of breaking. This damage can sometimes interfere with the lens of the iPhone.Well, thick plastic protectors are also a good choice. I also know what you are thinking. Plastic cases are prone to scratching. However, it is undeniable that the mobile phone screen is susceptible to scratching and friction. If you’re not that sporty and adventurous, a plastic case is a good choice.


The next item to think about while selecting the iPhone lens protector that best suits your device is the size of the protector. How do you feel when you wear a dress that is too short or too large? The same is true for the new iPhone 12. I bought it because I wanted to boast to my friends, but its charm will be lost with a mismatched lens protector.

So, what is the best size for an iPhone lens protector? Well, there are some lens protectors for iPhones available on the market. If you buy a small protector, it will interfere with the view and photos taken with the camera. Don’t you want to do that, or are you there? If you go for a more giant protector than your camera block, holding your phone may be more of a shock and destruction of the protector.


If the screen protector is too thick, it may interfere with the quality of the lens image capture, and you may not get the same feel and photo experience you get with the bare module. Therefore, choose a hard one that is not too thin but tough to impact. Even if the thickness is 0.3mm, choosing one with high hardness is better.


Like screen protectors, camera lens protectors are classified by their hardness scale. The market is full of screen protectors with different hardness values. 3H, 5H, and 9H are the most common in the market. Knowing that the higher hardness for screen protectors is better, they will be able to absorb shock and such force. At the moment, those with 9H hardness are the most preferred among the general people to withstand forces up to 6-7 kg easily. When choosing a lens protector, don’t hesitate to invest a little extra to get a quality product.

Spigen Camera Lens Protector for iPhone 13

If you’re examining a reliable camera lens protector for iPhone 13, we recommend purchasing Spigen here. This iPhone 13 Mini camera glass escort is developed with premium reinforced glass to provide more protection from scratches. It easily fits in any interference and diagonal camera setup without extra raising. In addition, the iPhone 13 Camera Lens Protector features an anti-fingerprint coating to prevent it from getting dirty, even if you are touching the camera setup with oily/dirty hands. In addition, the camera lens protector has a color variation that can be selected according to the color of the iPhone.


This Lens Protector is a premium lens cover that is very suitable for the iPhone camera lens. The camera lens is designed to protect it from scratches and dents and to be easy to mount. The tanned lens cover has six color variations. In addition, the protectors are made of high-quality aluminum. It can also be used to customize the appearance of the iPhone. And when you feel like saying something, the new iPhone should look good on you.

The iPhone Lens Protector is a glass or plastic cover worn over the iPhone camera lens. The iPhone rear camera is made of sapphire and classified as a mineral with a Mohs hardness of 9. Protecting the camera lens is essential to avoid damaging the iPhone. With iPhone lens protectors, you can enjoy shooting in a dark place and sharing photos.

Aenoko iPhone 13 Camera Protector Glass

Are you examining an ultra-thin camera lens protector for iPhone 13? The Aenoko camera protection glass protects the iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Mini diagonal camera setup. This 9H reinforced glass protector is coated with night anti-glare. This camera protection glass keeps the original color and quality of the photographed photos and videos intact. The oil-repellent layer of the iPhone 13 Mini camera lens protector prevents dust, water, and oil from adhering to the surface of the camera setup. Finally, thanks to the nano electrostatic attraction technology, this camera protector glass for iPhone 13 does not fall every time it encounters a fall or bump. It is a suitable choice for individuals looking for reliable camera shelter on a tight budget.

Closing Lines

The impressive 3-lens camera is one of the most attractive features of the new iPhone 13. However, the increased number of lenses also means that the risk of damage such as scratches and chipping increases if not careful. That’s why it’s important to wear the iPhone camera cover correctly.

The iPhone 13 cameras are powerful, but at the same time, they are fragile and easily broken when exposed to sudden impact or scratches. With the perfect camera lens protector on iPhone 13, you can keep your phone in perfect condition for longer. 

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