Tesla Model Pi Smartphone: News, Price, and release date

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Tesla Model Pi is a futuristic smartphone rumoured to be launched soon by Tesla, the world’s leading EV manufacturer. Various stories about this next-generation device fly around on the Internet, and they all sound very cool.

However, we have achieved a rendering that represents the appearance of the Tesla phone.

Tesla is working at the forefront of technological innovation, so it should come as no surprise that a series of its essential technology concepts are readily available as a feature set for the Model Pi. These features include Neuralink support, solar charging, crypto mining, satellite internet, and vehicle control.

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Tesla Model Pi Smartphone features

Now let’s discuss the expected features of the Tesla Model PI smartphone: the Tesla Model Pi may feature a Qualcomm snapdragon 898 or better. The smartphone will have 2TB (terabytes) of flash storage and an amazing super-AMOLED display. It is even expected that there may be a special coating on the smartphone’s body to allow the user to change the smartphone’s colour. Isn’t that amazing? The colour could change based on environmental factors.

A quad-camera setup appears in the rendering video, which means a sub-screen selfie camera will be on the Model Pi. This rendering report suggests that the device will easily take pictures of the Milky Way. On the other hand, the large camera port may make this phone bulky.

In addition, another report suggests that the phone can be fueled by solar power, and the battery can be filled with Tesla Charge. This element works in conjunction with a colour-changing back panel, and the phone is also expected to function as a Tesla AV remote. Technically, this would be an ecosystem comparable to Apple’s.

Monitor and control Tesla products

It is fairly well understood that the Pi smartphone will have connectivity with other Tesla products. One of its major benefits is connectivity with Tesla vehicles. Using this mobile, you may be able to control your car. The company might offer an app to monitor the car’s battery and other elements through this device.

Tesla Model Pi Price and Release Date

Tesla has not disclosed an official release date for the Model Pi. In fact, we have not even received confirmation from this EV giant. But internet users know all about it. It is safe to be optimistic that the product will be launched in late 2022 or early 2023.

Many individuals are exploring Pi phone prices. But at this moment, we cannot express anything. The only way is to look at the iPhone 13 Pro Max price and guess. It costs about $1100. If Tesla is competing with Apple, the price could be similar to the top-of-the-line models of its competitors. In other words, its price range could be $1000 to $1200.

Is Tesla Pi phone real or fake?

You have probably already noticed that the Tesla Model Pi is not real. It may happen in the years to come, but it cannot exist for now. There are many reasons to be realistic about this.

Most rumours about the device began circulating after Italian graphic designer Antonio De Rosa released a rendering of the Model Pi on his YouTube channel. However, people missed the explanation where he mentioned that he has nothing to do with Tesla, and all the images are simply homages.

Some users took this to heart and began to wonder about the Model Pi. In my opinion, until Elon Musk tweets himself that this gadget is real and in development, there is no matter in considering about it.

If you don’t believe his tweets anymore, wait for the official announcement statement from Tesla himself.

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