Tesla Cybertruck could finally hit the streets in 2023. Design, specifications, and price

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Tesla Cybertruck could finally hit the streets in 2023

Tesla announced Wednesday by its CEO, ElonMusk, that it has postponed production of the long-awaited CyberTruck, which was intended to start in 2023.

The announcement, which supports a report by Reuters earlier this month, follows a report by an electric vehicle manufacturer that, despite supply chain problems, reported record quarter-on-quarter revenue and more than 50% more deliveries in 2022.

Mask, who launched a futuristic vehicle in 2019, postponed production from late 2021 to late 2022. Tesla plans to prepare for the launch of humanoid robots in addition to Cyber Trucks, Semi, and Roadster next year.

New Updates in Tesla Cybertruck

Unlike the Tesla 2019 release, this truck version has no door handles. According to the subtitles, opening the door while shooting the video was a topic. (It’s not clear if you’re saying that because there’s no actual audio.) If you tap your smartphone or key card on a certain sensor, it seems to explain that the door will open.

Tesla New CyberTruck Design

The CyberTruck Owner’s Club’s online forum published an image of the mass-produced CyberTruck.The edgy design of the original concept in 2019 has been virtually intact, but here you can see that the windshield wiper has been introduced and changed to a simpler alloy wheel design.

Musk once suggested that the truck might have been scaled down to accommodate the European roads, but he tweets: “Last night, I studied the design with Franz (Tesla’s chief designer, Von Holzhausen). Three percent is too small. It will be quite this size”.

I don’t know if there has been any resizing in this image, but the overall footprint of the Cyber truck looks almost the same.

About the engine, specifications, and performance of the CyberTruck

Last year, the Cyber Truck attracted attention not only because of its unique appearance but also because of its cutting-edge performance. The Mask, which does not underestimate the car built over a long time. Basically promised that this truck would lead a kind of electrical revolution.

There are three types of Cyber Trucks available. The entry model will be a rear-wheel-drive with one motor, and both the two and three motor models will be all-wheel drive. As you can imagine, the more motors a CyberTruck has, the better its performance. With a 0-60mph acceleration of 3 seconds or less in a three-motor model. The speed of a commercial truck is unprecedented.

Tesla Cybertruck Launch Dates

Tesla originally planned to start production of cyber trucks in late 2021, but later postponed until sometime in late 2022. After rumors about the Cyber Truck being postponed again, Elon Musk confirmed that Tesla would not launch the car in 2022. In other words, the advent of Cyber Trucks is at the earliest 2023.

The first postponement was due to supply chain issues that significantly impacted the automotive industry. Elon Musk said Tesla could not make enough 4680 battery cells for the Cyber Truck. While according to Steel Frame that it needed to develop a whole new casting machine.

Safety and Driving Assistance

Tesla’s self-driving AutoPilot will install on all models and offer a full self-drive option for $7,000. Other driving support technologies are also expected. For more information on the Cyber Truck collision test results, visit the NHTSA and IIHS websites.

Tesla Cyber Truck Price

Tesla recently removed a large amount of CyberTruck information from its website, including specifications and prices. But we still know the price of the truck that Tesla once said.

The last car expected to be in production, the single-motor Cyber Truck, starts at $39,990 and is priced at $5,000 lower than the cheapest model 3. On the other hand, the dual-motor model with an all-wheel-drive was set at $49,990. The three-motor cyber truck, originally a flagship model, is set at $69,990. The new quad motor specification price is still unknown as it is not available on the Tesla website.

All four models come standard with a Basic AutoPilot, but there will be an additional option for full self-driving. Package is currently is of $12,000, and CyberTruck is also hopeful that be eligible for a $199 monthly FSD subscription.

Range, charge, and battery life

Tesla did not reveal the size of the battery that powered the electric pickup. However, all models will equip with a 250kW charging cable. Of course, Tesla’s vast supercharger network will also be available. The mileage varies depending on the number of motors, but Tesla claims to be able to travel more than 250 miles with a single motor, more than 300 miles with a dual motor, and more than 500 miles with a single charge in the most advanced tri-motor setup.

Interior of Cyber truck

The interior of the Cyber truck is as unique as the body. Especially around the dashboard, it has a design like a steering wheel and a huge 17-inch touch screen sticking out on a flat shelf, and as it inherits the design language of the exterior, there are many sharp parts. The seat is also Spartan. I can see the pads, but it’s hard to say comfortable.

Final Words

According to Tesla’s boss, Elon Musk that American companies will not launch new cars in 2022, including the long-wait Cyber Truck that is delayed as early as 2023. The CyberTruck has a lot of expectations in its strange shape. It is debatable whether Tesla can fulfill that promise. We’re still waiting two years after the release of the new Roadster. Still, given the popularity of pickup trucks in the United States, it’s just as Mask said that we need to provide electric vehicle options to provide more environmentally friendly options.

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