Samsung Chromebook 4 Black Friday deals and Complete Buying guide

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The Samsung Galaxy Chromebook 4 is the best laptop on the market. One big lift hill and something simple with a very quick drop. It seems to be very well equipped to the naked eye if you can ignore its huge bezel. The 14-inch screen is not often seen in the Chromebook world, which is generally said to be small.

The inside is black with a sense of luxury, and the outside is a genuine silver case. There are plenty of ports, and you can connect to the net anywhere by inserting LTE SIM into one of them. We had a great time with this product and started it.

The screen is 14 inches. However, the size of 1366×768 was low in contrast, color, brightness, and sharpness and was a disappointment in all aspects except size.


I like the design language of the entire Samsung product lineup. From smartphones to TVs to Chromebook 4, Samsung knows how to make something that looks good and stands out. Galaxy Chromebook 2 is no exception.

The aluminum enclosure is sturdy and sturdy, with a design that makes carrying fun. The feel of the cold metal has something that makes the Chromebook of the plastic body less desirable. The Galaxy Chromebook 2 Fiesta Red is certainly eye-catching. In a photo taken under the bright Arizona sun, this red is so bright that it looks almost orange. When I got Galaxy Chromebook 2, I felt like I had a premium device. A cheap laptop is not bad, but none of these devices feels cheap.

In addition to its appearance, the device is also designed for functionality. Samsung kept the profile slim and rigid and selected only two USB-C ports (one on each side) and micro-SD slots. As I mentioned earlier, I’m a little worried if you use old peripherals, but recently USB-C has become quite standard.

Overheat Issue

Overheating was a big problem with the original Galaxy Chromebook. In Galaxy Chromebook 2, this issue has been resolved thanks to the air holes hidden in the back. The first Galaxy Chromebook had a vent only on the bottom, which was very hot when placed on the knee. However, in Chromebook 2, despite its heavy use, it did not feel fever.

Samsung Chromebook 4 Storage

The amount of storage on the Chromebook is critical. It all relies on what you utilize your laptop for. Since Chromebook is a cloud computer, you should save most of your files to the cloud. You need a Google account to use Chromebook. This account comes with free 15GB of cloud storage. This means that you don’t need to pay for storing files in the cloud instead of locally.

This means that you can keep your Android app on your local storage, something you can’t store in the cloud. If you plan to install a lot of Android apps, you may have a hard time with 32GB storage. With 32GB, you can install a significant number of Android apps. But if you want to install many Android apps, such as games that eat capacity, your local storage might run out of space.

The battery is very good (the camera is too bad)

Samsung Premium Chromebook has lasted about 7 hours with a battery test that sets the screen brightness to 50% and repeatedly plays 4K video. This is enough power to get through most of the weekdays, but you’ll want to keep a handy charger if you’re taking Chromebook 2 on the road. On the other hand, the cheap Lenovo Chromebook Duet has been around for nearly nine hours in our test.

I’m still unhappy with the 720p webcam on Chromebook 2. The selfie we shot with the Samsung laptop seemed very blown and granular with low light, even under minimal natural light. It will still get work for the occasional zoom chat. Still, if you want to see as clear and professional as possible during back-to-back video conferencing long days, you may want to spring for a dedicated web camera.


The 10th Generation chipset with the latest Intel i5 processors is no longer the latest and most powerful chipset, but it’s still quite powerful. 8GB of RAM and 256GB SSD storage support this 1st generation Chrome Book and I prefer to buy this laptop from Samsung over the slightly overtrained 2nd generation version. Let’s talk a bit about mobile games. Since Google Play Store has been integrated into ChromeOS, mobile games have been the culmination of a productive gameplay experience. Many developers have built keyboard key mapping into their games, so we’re enjoying some mobile games with this Chromebook. I also enjoy emulator games with the keyboard as a controller. It’s pretty good.

4K display unrivaled

But the true beauty of this laptop is where your eyes resonate. It is not about the vivid Fiesta red coloring. The 4K 13.3″ AMOLED touch screen panel is the main attraction. It is one of the best chrome book displays I’ve ever used. With the supersaturated color famous in Samsung’s AMOLED panel, the color of this display image is the most vivid. However, this means that the reproduction of the hue is not true tone, and some users may like it in their photo editing work. Since I don’t do anything like that in my Chrome Book, using Galaxy Chromebook as an entertainment tool was a blissful time.

Closing Remarks

Many of the positive aspects of this Chromebook are built on price, especially performance. This kind of affordable Chromebook that will be used as a web browsing terminal in the home and educational environment is a reasonable performance. Still, it does not want to do much work. Chromebook comes in a variety of shapes and sizes. Some premium Chromebook offers the same specs and performance as competitors with Windows or macOS. There are also low-cost products that provide a reliable experience with low specifications and low prices. Samsung’s latest model, “Galaxy Chromebook Go,”

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