Roku airplay not working: Here is how to fix it.

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Roku airplay not working

Few devices can match the Roku system in terms of endless apps at your fingertips. For added versatility, many Roku devices can support airplay. But what if this feature suddenly stops working?

This article describes a fix for AirPlay not working on Roku devices.

Roku airplay not working Here is how to fix it.

Why Is AirPlay Not Working on Roku?

Roku AirPlay issues can be caused by a variety of problems with your iOS device, Roku, or your Internet connection. However, most AirPlay issues are either Internet-related or temporary issues that can be resolved by a reboot or reset.

Troubleshooting AirPlay problems is equally easy because AirPlay is user-friendly and designed to work with little or no intervention.

Roku airplay not working: Here is how to fix it.

As we mentioned above, most of the problems with AirPlay not working on Roku TV are due to minor technical glitches or network issues. And despite the causes, you can solve AirPlay not working problem without hassle. Following are some of the useful ways to fix AirPlay problems.

1.      Restart the Roku

Rebooting is simple, but it may solve a wide range of temporary problems and is a good starting point when looking for a solution. If you go offline, pause for a few seconds before turning it back on. Acting accordingly should solve the problem such that the fix Roku Airplay does not work.

2.      Restart your Router and Modem

AirPlay relies on Wi-Fi, so if you are having connection problems, AirPlay may not be working with your streaming platform. Rebooting your firewall and modem is a great way to resolve short-term network issues.

3.      Reset Roku

Resetting a Roku device can solve almost any problem with the device. However, the drawback is that your Roku settings will also be reset. This means that you will have to go through the initial setup process and install and activate all apps on the device again.

4.      Check device has the latest software.

Roku streaming devices are set to update automatically every 24 hours. However, if the automatic update fails, the device may not connect properly to AirPlay. Similarly, Apple devices require regular updates to function smoothly.

5.      Check Requirements

To support AirPlay on Apple devices and Roku TV, Roku TV, and Apple devices must meet all requirements. Thus, you will know that both devices are compatible with each other.

6.      Attempt to mirror the screen

Ensure that screen mirroring is turned on while using AirPlay to mirror the screen to the Roku device. This operation is only a few steps long, and if it were a problem, mirroring could soon begin making major changes.

7.      Contact Roku support

Although unlikely, you may be experiencing a problem specific to your equipment. Contacting a representative from either company will help you determine if something is defective or if there is another solution.


We hope that the troubleshooting steps presented in this article have been helpful to you. The procedures are designed to be very straightforward, easy to understand, and beneficial to perform at home. You do not need to be a technician to use the procedures presented in this article. If the problem continues, we recommend contacting the customer support service of either Roku or Apple. That would be the best method to help you to solve your problem.

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