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Jules’ recovery has been as much about finding herself and living her truth but rather about reclaiming her life from alcoholism. Now with a new life, she has her confidence back. As a woman, part of my journey is about finding my voice and figuring out who I am. After nearly a decade of living in recovery, I can tell you that long-term sobriety is not for the faint of heart. A lot has happened in these nine and a half years.

  • Dr. Burley graduated from Meharry Medical College School Of Medicine in 1985 and specializes in addiction psychiatry.
  • Being sober doesn’t mean your life is over.
  • “For the first time in my life, I was learning to visualize my future instead of remembering my past.”
  • Approximately 25 minutes, an overview of the neurobiology of addiction.
  • Also, believing that I have something to offer in society and doing positive, healthy things in my life.

It gave me more compassion and I became more interested in the solution, not the problem. Katie’s successful path to recovery began by looking outside of herself. At her core, she knew something was still not right. When she was working at Recovery Centers of America, something happened that changed her path for the better. Patrick’s road to recovery has been long and difficult, but in the end, rewarding. His substance use began when he was a teenager.

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I have to be present and I have to self-reflect and commit to being a better person for the people around me. Alcoholism is a disease that affects sobriety stories relationships, not just the person suffering. It’s about you learning how to regrow relationships and care for other people, including yourself.

  • He was spending $600/day on heroin & opioids for years.
  • When his back injury doesn’t get better, David can’t stop taking opioids.
  • Speaking with Katie, the first thing you’ll notice about her is her confidence.
  • Having some small impact on someone else’s life.
  • But there are many different paths to recovery now.
  • 14-minute video clip from Melissa Byers about addiction, harm reduction, and recovery.

This lifestyle blog went down a different route with this article and chose to interview Rachel about her addiction to alcohol. Rachel was used to drinking being a normal part of celebrations, and she carried this thought process to college with her. Do you have a story about your mental health journey? Your voice and your story can help transform the lives of many, help decrease stigma, and make one feel less alone. I got sober two months after my mom died very suddenly. I’ve dealt with a lot of grief in my sobriety but I haven’t picked up a drink, and I think it’s because for some weird reason it feels better walking through it and feeling everything.

Esther Nagle: How Yoga Helped Her Conquer a 20-Year Alcohol Addiction

I want to make sure to keep a balance in my life and have activities to do during the week. It’s been beneficial for me to be attend my support group meetings at NAMI, which has been a big part of my support system. I like facilitating groups and making friends.

  • Gina is an outgoing person, hence, her soul that shines through her eyes.
  • This book informs the reader of how addiction gets started – but it also provides an evolutionary approach to recovery.
  • Of Development for Second Harvest Food Bank of Middle Tennessee, a position she held for 10 years after serving as Development Director for Nashville Read.
  • “Her purpose of teaching me the book was so I could teach someone else.
  • I told her all of my problems and she said I was an alcoholic.
  • One October day my husband reported that he had an upset stomach.

The We Level Up Treatment Center provides world-class care with round-the-clock medical professionals available to help you cope. We all work as an integrated team at our addiction treatment centers to help provide a journey toward successful recovery. Make this your opportunity to reclaim your life.

Social Anxiety Disorder

After a near-death experience, he got help. Read his inspirational story & learn what message he has to share with anyone struggling with addiction. I never really felt like I had a choice in social situations or the people I was around. I couldn’t really sort through who I actually wanted to be around because I felt like I was just along for the ride and I wasn’t really in charge.

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By hearing real-life sobriety stories from recovery addicts, individuals can see that recovery is possible and start to believe in themselves. Addiction Recovery Stories not only provide hope for individuals but also bring attention to the challenges of addiction and inspire others to fight through their struggles. I think it’s important to be proud of being sober and to share your story.

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