Multi-channel Home Theater Monaural, Stereo, and its Installation: Complete guide

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Multi-channel home theater is a kind of theater system with at least five speakers and is arranged all around, especially left, center, right. Compared to other theater systems, multi-channel has more quality features, such as soundbars and all-in-box types.

Multi-channel home theaters come in various sizes, and if you’re not sure how to install them, you may need professional services to install them at home. Currently, home theater systems are an essential home gadget used for multiple purposes and are typically used in a TV lounge. They sound good. Its sound system is too good, and its voices and sounds are much clearer than ordinary speakers because they are made for large areas. Enjoy family time with the amazing sound of the home theater. Home theater has an aux relationship so you can attach them to your phone and also features a Bluetooth system.

Multi-Channel Home Theater – Overview

A multi-channel home theater system requires at least five speakers. The speaker placement must be 5: front left, front right, center, surround left and surround right. To increase the bass playback capability, most users prefer to add subwoofers to the arrangement of these five speakers. This speaker arrangement is known as 5.1 and is the most popular market.

A home theater system typically consists of five speakers. they are,

  • Center
  • Front Right
  • Front Left
  • Surround Right
  • Circle left

However, you can add speakers to achieve a more advanced audio setup. If you can afford it, you can buy a high-quality speaker and increase its effectiveness.

Multi-channel Home Theater Parts and Features

The main part of this home theater is the speakers, but that’s not enough. Here are the other speaker parts you need.


Parts that support the format of the surround system to match the speaker system. It would be a tragedy if we could not get the right source for the system. For example, on a 5.1ch system, you need a source that matches the output range.

AV receiver

The receiver is an important element of your home cinema. It is a device that processes audio tracks and ensures that all speakers are powered. The effect of the receiver depends on the size of your home theater.

If it is quite large, you need to get a more compatible AV receiver. Other factors that rotate around the receiver’s reliability include the number of watts of amplifiers and speakers you need. The cost of these receivers also changes to the size of your home theater system.

Installation of the Multi-channel Home Theater System

Establishing a multi-channel home cinema system is entirely straightforward if the procedure has been done accordingly.

  • First, all sources must be cabled to the AVR.
  • The next step is to place the speakers in the proper position.
  • Then, with the help of a speaker wire, you need to run the wire from AVR to all speakers.

How do I link my speakers to the receiver?

When assembling a surround sound system, a 16-gage cable is usually used. If you want to route distances greater than 40 feet or 50 feet, we recommend a thicker 12 gauge cable.

There is also a wireless system option. However, it is impossible to mix speaker brands, and connection via Wi-Fi may be subtle. You also need to connect your wireless speakers to an electrical outlet. But what’s the most effortless method to create a new home theater? That is to ask a professional. Home theater professionals like AUDIOVISIONS have years of experience designing and building home theater systems. We also set up hidden speakers in the walls and ceiling for clean and minimalist beauty.

The size of the installation room:

Exactly where you will install a home theater is an important factor, as it determines the size and specific features you should go to. It is wise not to buy a huge home theater in a small room because the sound may be a problem. Especially if you don’t want to dedicate your entire house to the sound system (laughs), that’s why wisdom is profitable here.

Different terminology of Multi-channel Home Theater

Stereo sound

Stereo sound (also known as 2-channel audio) is the most common and popular audio type. It is still used in both music and movies. This sound system has two tracks: left and right. Good two-channel audio recording creates a 3D, multidimensional, auditory perspective. In other words, even with two-channel audio, it should have the impression that sound is heard from various directions, but that is rarely the case.

Surround sound

Surround sound (or multi-channel audio) is a technique that uses multiple speakers (audio channels) that surround the listener to enrich, add depth, and play more realistic sounds. This kind of channel configuration allows you to hear sounds that can be heard from all angles. It is designed to be able to listen “in the middle.”

be wrapped in space

Sound Bar

The soundbar is designed to improve the sound quality of your television speakers. The benefits of using


Compact, slim, and takes no place.

Easy to install

In contrast to setting up two components (speakers and receivers), installing a soundbar is as easy as connecting it to a television (or another audio source).

The main drawback is that the soundbar lacks the richness and dynamics of sound produced by a full-fledged stereo system. To achieve clear, high-quality sound, look at Bose’s reviews to find the best soundbar for your home theater.

Do I need to purchase a separate speaker?

All complete systems include these parts. All-in-one systems are designed to work seamlessly with each other, so they have the advantage of excellent value. It also often includes everything you need to set up, including the wiring of your speakers. But some may not, so you need to reconfirm this. If you buy a wireless system, you don’t need to use speaker wires, so there’s no problem.

Benefits of the Multi-channel Home Theater System

This type of home theater has many advantages because it has a higher audiovisual quality than other home theaters, and it includes:

1. It will make you a better host

Taking friends and family to the home theater room and watching movies is a new experience. The audiovisual experience offered by this type of theater system will always keep your visitors entertained.

2. multiroom ceiling speaker system

With this type of theater system, you can customize it to your liking, and you have the option to extend the speakers to another room.

3. Premium Audiovisual Experience

The multi-channel home theater system is equipped with speakers and a multi-channel amplifier to provide an excellent experience, such as watching movies and sports listening to music from speakers hidden in the home theater curtain.

Multi-channel Home Theater amplifier type

Its name suggests a system with multiple speakers, classified according to units identified by digits. In other words, it supports frequency bands from 95Hz to 25kHz.

2.0-channel system

2.0 is a basic stereo system that produces two left and right channels of sound on two speakers. Still, a 2.1 channel system can add subwoofers to emphasize the warmth and bass (subwoofer is a speaker that increases the minimum frequency of any audio you listen to).

5.1 Channel System

It comes with a center speaker and two speakers located next to or behind the center speaker (depending on the customer).

6.1 Channel System

The 6.1 speaker system has another speaker beside the 5.1 system, the center speaker installed on the back.

7.1 Channel System

6.1 Additional speakers above the system. Front 2ch, center 1ch, side 2ch, back 2ch, and subwoofer. It’s no wonder that Home Theater Audio is considered the best overall setup for audio.

8.1 and later

These areas offer a completely different experience, making it a multi-channel home theater vision.

Basically, after a thorough investigation, decide on the system that best suits your needs.

Verdict: Multi-channel Home Theater

Now that you know what’s a bigger weight let’s also learn about a whole new state of the art in the multi-channel home theater system. It is one of the essential things you should know before buying a home theater. Recently, all the latest devices have installed a new multi-channel system that has the advantage of multiple audio channels, meaning the ability of the audio system for users to process simple audio tracks/channels simultaneously in one system. It means having crystal clear sound on the system and having many more features that you will only experience when you have a multi-channel home theater system.


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