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Kongsberg Defence & Aerospace

Kongsberg Defence & Aerospace is developing state-of-the-art technology for the deepest oceans and the farthest space. They work together to transfer innovation from one business area to another. It makes it one of the best in every field and allows you to achieve the best performance under harsh conditions. With two centuries of innovation, innovation, and results, Kongsberg Defence & Aerospace is recognized as a world technology leader. Also, they are proud to develop strategically critical advanced technologies and products and provide them worldwide. KONGSBERG is the best technology company that provides mission-critical solutions with highest performance for customers operating under very demanding conditions. With a 200-year proud history, the Group has met the needs of its demanding customers and adapted to the changing market environment. Moreover, KONGSBERG has three business locations: Kongsberg Maritime, Kongsberg Defence, Aerospace, and Kongsberg Digital.

KONGSBERG contractor of Avinor

It is (KONGSBERG) is the main contractor for the remote tower solution of Avinor in Norway. Avinor chose the NINOX solution from KONGSBERG based on KONGSBERG’s state-of-the-art technology and advanced functionality and our business partners. Innovative and robust sensor solutions, real-time integration levels, and Human Machine Interface (HMI) solutions have proven superior to other competing solutions. KONGSBERG has also signed an agreement with its business partner Gesnaer to deliver the KONGSBERG remote tower solution to Aena in Menorca Airport. The KONGSBERG Remote Tower solution is based on an open, service-oriented architecture that allows customers to reuse it. Also, integrate legacy systems, integrate new features such as UTMs, autonomous or remote-controlled drones and robots, and integrate advanced decision-based platforms.

Solutions and Technologies of Kongsberg Defence

Kongsberg Defence & Aerospace is the world’s leading supplier of remote weapon stations. More than 20 countries trust our system for security. High-tech systems enhance situational awareness to protect people and property through world-class innovation, program execution, and customer understanding. Furthermore, Products in the Missile Systems Division include Penguin Missiles, Naval Strike Missiles (NSM), and Joint Strike Missiles (JSM), launched from ships, helicopters, and fighter planes.

Mechanical machining

Kongsberg’smechanical technology consists of three areas: machining, welding, sheet metal, and tool and prototype development.

They also provide a variety of equipment for the design and manufacture of production equipment and prototypes.

  • CNC machine (lathe, milling machine), 3-5 axis machines
  • Grinder (cylindrical grinder, surface grinder, coordinate jig grinder)
  • A variety of manual machines
  • Coordinate system the jig drilling machine and jig grinder are installed in separate temperature-controlled rooms.

Defense and Security

Creating an environment for safer and more secure decision-making is the essence of all our activities in the field of defense and security. Customers want exceptional reliability and accuracy, and Kongsberg has a system to meet these demands. The Missile System Division also offers state-of-the-art missiles for ships, vehicles, helicopters, patrol aircraft, and fighter planes.

Air maintenance, repair, and overhaul

KONGSBERG Aerostructures also provides essential support for the life cycle of helicopters and provides repair, maintenance, and overhaul of civil and military helicopters and aircraft.

Helicopter Dynamic Components

KONGSBERG provides services for main, tail, intermediate gearboxes, main, tail rotor heads, and drive shafts, which are the main dynamic components of helicopters.

  • Major Processes
  • Acceptance inspection
  • Publication of Technical Materials
  • Disassembly
  • Inspection
  • Reassembly
  • Test bench running
  • Post-green-run checkup
  • Oil Leak Inspection and Storage
  • Coating
  • Issuance of acceptance certificates (Certificates of Conformity)
  • Delivery

At KONGSBERG, They work on the following parts of Seeking, AW101, and NH-90. Main gearbox, main rotor head, accessory gearbox, intermediate gearbox, tail gearbox, tail rotor head, driveshaft.

Previously, he participated in the F-16 program, where he manufactured and maintained adapter penguin MK3 missiles, air circulation systems (cooling turbines), brakes, and anti-skid systems. KONGSBERG also maintains the following cannons. They also maintain the L70 AA and 20mm AA guns.

F-16 Aircraft Upgrade Agreement

The Kongsberg Aviation Maintenance Service (KAMS) undertook maintenance and sales preparations from the Norwegian Defense and Materials Agency for two F-16 fighters who retired from service in the Norwegian Armed Forces.

The aircraft will be ready for sale to the new owner. So, the Norwegian Ministry of Defense Materials Office expects to enter into a commercial resale agreement for the aircraft after its maintenance.

The contract will first apply to two F-16 retired by the Norwegian Air Force, with the option of overhauling up to three more. The aircraft will be operated at KAMS’s facility in Kieler, near Oslo, and the last three will be completed by the end of 2021 if the options are used. The aircraft will be returned to operational status and ready to operate again. KAMS has 40 years of experience servicing, repairing, and upgrading F-16 fighters in Norway.

A significant percentage of F-16 may be related to repair or preparation for sale. As a result, KAMS will play a significant role in Kjeller. In addition, maintaining these aircraft for new owner candidates will provide KAMS with a good business opportunity.

Protector RS4

The protector RS4 is adopted for a boxer class equipped with a new mission module.

In December 2021, Kongsberg Defence & Aerospace (KONGSBERG) and Krauss-Maffei Wegmann (KMW) signed a contract to deliver the world’s most practical remote weapon system, the PROTECTOR RS4, for the German Joint Fire Support Team, schwer (JFSTsw) project.

The PROTECTOR RS4 also will be installed on the BOXER 8×8. It will include a new mission module that incorporates the Thales PAAG (Panoramic Above Armor Gimbal) JFS observation and monitoring system in the NATO General Purpose Vehicle Architecture (NGVA). NGVA is a NATO standardization agreement based on open standards for designing and integrating multiple electronic subsystems into military vehicles.

Kongsberg Automotive

Kongsberg Automotive delivers cutting-edge technology to the international automotive industry. So, by implementing engineering, sustainability, and innovation, they promote a global shift to sustainable mobility. With roughly 11,000 workers in 19 lands, Kongsberg Automotive is also an international automotive technology supplier. They have more than 27 production bases around the world. Moreover, the product portfolio includes sheet comfort systems, driver and motion control systems, fluid assemblies, and industrial driver interface products.

Kongsberg Automotivecontract

The coupling business unit of Kongsberg Automotive acquired a contract with an estimated lifetime revenue of 42 million euros and average annual revenue of 14 million euros.

The contract is for the Raufoss ABC portfolio so, it has a variety of solutions for compressed air coupling for trucks and buses. In addition, ABC couplings connect all components in a compressed air system, improving the performance of truck and bus brakes, suspensions, and all auxiliary systems, and enabling safe and cost-effective operation.

The ABC product scope delivers easy and adaptable assembly, perfect compatibility between couplings and other components, improved airflow, reduced leakage, reduced system weight, reduced emissions, and improved lifetime total cost for vehicle owners.

The three-year contract will start in January 2022. The products are supplied to a wide range of internal combustion and electrical platforms for trucks and buses produced by global commercial vehicle manufacturers operating in Europe, the Americas, and Asia. Moreover, Products are supplied by Kongsberg Automotive couplings plants in Laufos (Norway), Wuxi (China), Willis (USA), and Sunday (Brazil).

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