How to watch complete twilight movies in order and their summary?

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Complete Twilight movies in order

If you’re new to Bella and Edward’s fascinating and suspenseful love story, here’s how to watch all the Twilight series. The original 2008 version of Twilight shows how teenage Bella (Kristen Stewart) and vampire Edward (Robert Pattinson) is attracted to her. Jacob (Taylor Rothner), a herd of werewolves, appears and becomes a triangle in the New Moon. The real battle begins with Eclipse and breaks up the bed in the second part of Breaking Dawn. Please see the following to see all of Twilight’s works in turn.

How to see twilight movies in order or the proper sequence?

The Twilight Saga’s canonical ordering is the same as the time series. The checklist overhead is how you should manage a Twilight movie if you want the right order.

How about Midnight Sun? Where can I stream the sixth Twilight?

I’m sorry, I can’t do that. Stephanie Mayer might have written the fifth saga, “Midnight Sun” (because “Breaking Dawn” was divided into two films, it was the sixth), but it was never made into a movie. A romance movie called “Midnight Sun” on Netflix, but RPatz, KStew, and vampires do not appear. Let’s wait for the sixth movie.

List of Twilight movies in random order

Today’s review is that when we first appeared on the screen in 2008, we all might have had negative emotions that were not in the series for some reason. However, it is now a popular media valued as “not a work of art, but worth seeing.” Here, I will show you how you should watch Twilight movies.

  1. Twilight (2008)

2. Twilight New Moon (2009)

3. Twilight Eclipse (2010)

4. Twilight Breaking Dawn part1 (2011)

5. Twilight Breaking Dawn part2 (2012)

1. Twilight

The first of the Twilight Saga series, Twilight is a 2008 American love fantasy film based on Stephanie Meyer’s 2005 novel of the same title. This film concentrates on the growth of the connection between Bella Swan and Edward Cullen and the following actions of Edward and his family to protect Bella from the evil vampire rally.

2. Twilight Saga/New Moon (2009)

The second movie starts right after the first movie. The opening ceremony took place on Bella’s 18th birthday and highlights the film’s main theme.

The New Moon depicts a conflict between Bella and Edward over her death. Bella wants to be a vampire and spend eternity with Edward, but Edward doesn’t feel like changing her, even though he wants it.

While celebrating her birthday with the Karen family, Bella cuts her finger as she opens the present, and Jasper loses his reason by the blood and attacks her.

It is a decisive blow for Edward, and he decides to leave Forks so that Bella can live a normal life. They meet in the forest, and Edward explains his decision and leaves Bella alone in the middle of the forest.

3. Twilight Saga/Eclipse

In Twilight 2008 and Twilight Saga/Eclipse 2009, the third installment in the Twilight Saga series, following New Moon, Bella Swan is focused on the difficulties of wedding a vampire. Jacob Black and the remains of the wolves create a temporary alliance with the Karen family to fight Victoria and her new vampire army to protect Bella’s safety. Jacob breaks up with Edward and persuades Bella to be with him but fails. Edward offers to Bella, and she gets.

4. Twilight Saga/Breaking Dawn Part1 (2011)

A few months after the incident, the wedding of Bella Swan and Edward Cullen came to an end, and Bella was preparing with help from Edward’s sister Alice, Rosalie, and her mother, Lenny.

Bella was pleasantly surprised to see Jacob return, and the two danced in the forest. Bella acknowledges that she intends to complete her marriage with Edward on a honeymoon while she is still a human. Jacob is furious because he thinks that if he does that, she might die.

Two weeks after the wedding, Bella begins to think she is pregnant. Edward is distracted because he thinks it is unlikely that a human being will survive by giving birth to a vampire’s child.

When Jacob sees Bella back in Forks, he gets furious and worries like Edward. Despite Carlyle’s advice, Bella refuses to get rid of her pregnancy.

5. Twilight Saga/Breaking Dawn second part (2012)

The end of the twilight series is unforgettable. The final version is a franchise, and it’s the best movie I’ve ever seen. My heart was breaking; I was surprised; various emotions surrounded me.

Bella becomes a vampire and lives happily with her daughter, Ness. Volturi, who mistakenly believes that Ness is immortal, begins to try to kill both the child and the criminal. What a devil!

Closing words

If you’re new to Bella and Edward’s fascinating and suspenseful love story, here’s how to watch all the Twilight films in turn. Isabella Swan moves from Phoenix, Arizona, to Forks, Washington, and falls in love with 104-year-old vampire Edward Cullen. The series is mainly told from Bella’s perspective, and Epilog from Eclipse and Part II from Breaking Dawn are described from the viewpoint of Jacob Black, a werewolf. So, to fully understand the story of this work, we need to go through the Twilight series listed below.

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