How to turn off parental controls on iPhone?

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Parental controls on the iPhone allow you to set limits on what can be used on the device and for how long. This feature allows you to set which apps can be used on the device and for how long, preventing your child from using too much of anything on the phone. However, some users do not like this feature and prefer to turn it off on their devices. The following directory will show you how to turn off parental controls on your iPhone using a simple method.


How to turn off Parental Controls on iPhone?

Parental control features provide a simple and effective way to restrict iOS device settings and limit the use, functionality, and content of some apps. In many cases, however, parental restrictions must be adjusted and turned off. In the first part, we would like to show you the usual ways to turn off Parental Restrictions on the iPhone.

Step 1

Before disabling the parental control feature, it is a good idea to update your iOS to the latest version. This section will focus on turning off the parental control feature on iPhones with iOS 13/14 as an example.

Step 2

Open the Settings app, scroll down to find the “Screen Time” option, and tap it. Once in the main Screen Time interface, you can tap the “Content and Privacy Restrictions” section.

Step 3

Now, when you toggle the Content and Privacy Restrictions slider to Off, the parental controls on your iPhone will be disabled.

So, with only a few simple taps, you can easily turn off parental controls on your iPhone. In some possibilities, you may need to enter a Screen Time passcode to confirm the operation.

How to turn off the parental control feature without a password on the iPhone?

If you forget your screen time password or want to break the parental control restrictions secretly, you need to be attentive in this area. So, here we highly recommend a reliable parental control removal tool, iPhone Unlocker, which allows you to turn off iPhone parental controls without a password.

Step 1

First, download the iPhone Unlocker (a Parental control removing Software) and install and launch it. Next, select the “Screen Time” option.

Step 2

Connect the iPhone to the USB cable. For the computer to quickly recognize your iOS device, you must tap “Trust this computer” on the iPhone screen here.

Step 3

Clicking the Start button displays basic information about the iPhone. Check them, verify them, and click the Start button again to move on to the next step.

Step 4

If your device is iOS 12 or later and “Find My iPhone/iPad” is disabled, this program will immediately remove the device’s Screen Time passcode.

If your device is iOS 11 or earlier and your iTunes backup is unencrypted, you can retrieve the restricted passcode directly. However, if your iTunes backup is encrypted, you will need to enter a password to decrypt the backup to proceed. After a short wait, the Screen Time passcode will be removed.

Once the process is complete, you can return to Screen Time on your iPhone. No password is required and you can easily adjust limits or turn off parental controls.

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