How to Track iPhone without iCloud? Complete guide

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How to Track iPhone without iCloud?
Imagine losing your phone and searching for hundreds of places, but you still can’t find it. It can be a monster, particularly if you don’t have a backup of sensitive data stored in your iPhone.

But don’t worry, as there are many ways to track your lost iPhone. Also, there are many ways to spy on someone’s iPhone without jailbreaking it.

So, let’s dive in and see the different ways to track an iPhone without iCloud.

Method to track a lost iPhone without iCloud

Find my iPhone

Find my iPhone is an incredible feature of iOS which will help you find your lost iPhone even if your device is dead or offline.
But the catch is that you should toggle on the option before your iPhone is lost to track it. The Find my iPhone feature is probably the most effective way to track your lost iPhone. Firstly, let’s start with setup,
Set up Find my iPhone
1. Go to Settings on your iPhone
2. Tap your name on the top of your screen
3. Tap Find my option
4. Tap Find my iPhone
5. Toggle on Send the last location

The feature will send your last precise location to Apple services when your battery gets low or someone turns off the iPhone.

If you have completed the setup, you can locate the lost iPhone from other Apple devices or your friend’s iPhone.

Track your iPhone with other devices

If you have access to other Apple devices like Macbook or iPad, you can track your iPhone with their assistance. Follow the steps to do so,

1. Open Find my app on the device
2. Tap Devices
3. The map will display all the enabled devices
4. Select your iPhone

Track your iPhone from another iPhone

If anyone or your friend is using an iPhone, they can help you to track your lost iPhone with the Find my app. Here’s the procedure to reach out to the lost iPhone,

1. Head out to find my app on the friend’s iPhone
2. Press the Me option
3. Scroll down to Help a friend
4. Tap Help a friend
5. You must log in via iCloud or join with Face ID/ Touch ID according to your iPhone; select Use a different Apple ID.
6. Log in your Apple ID and password.
7. When asked to save your password, tap Not now
8. Navigate the list of devices and search for your lost iPhone

After tracking your iPhone, don’t forget to log out of your friend’s iPhone.

Google Maps

Google Maps should be another excellent way to track an iPhone if you cannot use your iCloud account. But, This method will work if you have the Google Maps application installed on your iPhone.

You should log in with the same Google id and password while using Google Maps on your device. You will be capable of finding your iPhone without iCloud. Here’s how to find your lost iPhone with the Google Maps service,

1. Open the web browser on your computer or laptop
2. Navigate
3. Press the menu option”≡ “on the top left
4. Head to Your Timeline option
5. Press Today or type the date your iPhone was lost; it will show you iPhone’s last location or active location.

IMEI number

Each iPhone has a unique 15-digit International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) code. No one can modify or make any possible change to the IMEI number.

You can find your iPhone’s IMEI number by entering *#60# on your Keypad. You can locate your stolen or lost iPhone with an IMEI number even when someone uses it with another SIM, or your phone is powered off.

Once your iPhone is tracked, You can contact the service provider or concerned authorities to block the iPhone’s usage and contact when the iPhone is found.

Apple Watch

If you use an Apple watch, you won’t need iCloud’s access to locate your lost or stolen iPhone. If you have lost your iPhone somewhere close, the Apple Watch and iPhone can connect over WiFi or Bluetooth. Follow the procedure to locate your iPhone,

1. Go to Apple Watch’s home screen
2. Swipe up to access Control Center
3. The Green phone icon or green text indicator shows your iPhone is connected
4. Press the Ringing iPhone icon

You can now listen to the ring of your iPhone after you enable the option. You can now follow the sound to locate your device.

iPhone’s LED alerts

You can still track your iPhone with the help of the iPhone’s LED alerts even without iCloud credentials. If you turned on the flashlight option, it would benefit when you get new notifications. Here’s how you do so,

1. Go to Settings on your iPhone
2. Tap Accessibility
3. Head to LED Flash for Alerts
4. Scroll down and toggle on Flash on the Silent option

Now you can track your iPhone with visual effects when you get calls, text messages, or new notifications.

Use Siri’s voice feature

If you have activated the Siri voice command feature, you can easily track your phone if it is located nearby. Siri voice feature works on all iPhones above 6s. You need to command Hey Siri in a loud voice.

Even Though your iPhone is muted or the current volume is low, you will hear Siri’s one if you are near the iPhone. Siri will prompt you to ask again if your voice is unclear. This method may not work if you lose your iPhone outside your house.

Using the Find My Friends app

If you have your friends or someone close who uses an iPhone, they can help out to track your iPhone even without iCloud credentials. Using friend’s Find my Friends app will track your last or current active location.
Set up the Find my Friend app
1. Head to Find my Friend app on your iPhone.
2. Press Location Services located at the bottom
3. Toggle on Share my location
4. Tap Done
5. Tap Add Friend
6. Now, add the contact information of your friends or family members.
7. Tap Share Indefinitely
8. Ask your friend to head to Find my Friend and tap Accept. Your friends can decline to share the location by clicking Don’t Share

If your friend has accepted your request, they will be able to see your location by using the app. You can also find your iPhone using the messages of friends or family members. Here’s how you do so,

Track with Find my Friend message
1. Open the messages
2. Open the person’s chat you want to locate the iPhone
3. Tap I, and you can see the location of the lost iPhone

Use a third-party app.

There are many third-party apps available to assist you in recovering lost or stolen iPhones. The third-party apps can track your GPS location remotely. You can track location without iCloud by spy apps, tracker apps, or even parental control apps.

You can even track the target device’s GPS location in real-time. Apps like MobileSpy will help monitor your close ones and prevent safety measures. Mobile Spy works in stealth mode: you also do not need to jailbreak the iPhone.

You will also get an alert with Geo-fence features if they enter the restricted areas. You will also get location history details, including date and time. Knowing the iPhone’s precise location, you can track the target user.


Many possible solutions to track your lost iPhone without even using iCloud. We believe this blog will help track your iPhone if you ever come across a problem. We recommend you to use the Find my iPhone feature, as it is the most effective method.

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