How to solve Siri not working on iPhone after Update to iOS 14

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How to solve Siri not working

Siri is one of the smartest virtual assistants, and it’s also a big reason we love iPhone. Hey Siri,” whenever you like voice control, you pay attention to everything you talk and react to. Unluckily, Siri doesn’t always work fine. If you face a problem with Siri not working on iPhones or iPad with iOS 15, here are a few different ways to fix it. Test each one and notice what performs for you. If Siri stops working, however, none of it is possible. Let’s look at what might cause a function to fail and what you can do.

Why doesn’t Hey Siri work with iPhone?

If you cannot use Hey Siri recently, please do not worry! Here are some possible causes:

  • Hey Siri feature is disabled
  • iOS system updates
  • Siri cannot connect to the Internet
  • The microphone volume is low, or the microphone is blocked
  • iPhone is down
  • iPhone may be in low power mode
  • Siri Language
  • Be noisy around

Restart the device

Siri problems are often solved by turning off the device for 30 seconds to a minute and then repowering it. The exact method depends on your device, but many newer iPhone devices can be turned off by simultaneously pressing the Power and Volume Up buttons.

Update iOS

Make certain your machine is operating the latest version of iOS. You can check it in Settings → General → Software Updates. If you have an update, please update your device. You can update your device wirelessly.

Tap Settings > General > Software Updates and select Download and Install.

Siri cannot connect to the Internet.

Siri needs an Internet connection to use magic. If not, hang off the iPhone and hang it on again. Also, if you are using WiFi, turn off the router and turn it on again. Please note that Siri will not work if your internet connection is slow.

Is the microphone working?

Siri might not hear you because your microphone might have a problem. Let’s test the microphone. Just record the video and watch it. If your voice sounds clear, you can also hear your voice in Siri. So, if not, your microphone may not be operating appropriately.

If you have a protective case, remove it and test again:

Please clean the microphone because the hole in the microphone may be blocked by dust or dirt. You can use a soft toothbrush. It can also be swept with compact air.

Siri problem solution After iOS 14 Update

Is it possible that the sound setting of Siri has been lowered much (Siri has its volume setting, so you need to increase the volume after Siri starts)? What about other apps?

  • If you can’t use Siri, make sure that your iPhone is connected to WiFi and that you have enough mobile data to use Siri. Open the Settings application, tap WiFi, and turn on the switch next to WiFi to make sure WiFi is turned on. Below the button, you should notice the name of the network you are linked to
  • If “Hey Siri” does not work on AirPods Pro or 2, it is recommended to consider reverting to a stable version of iOS or macOS instead if the attached device is running beta software. Apple’s beta software program is a wonderful method to test drive new software, but it can reduce the reliability of your device. Restart the device and reset AirPods.
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Check if low power is on:

Verify that the low-power mode is disabled. The main Siri app and Hey Siri features are not available when the low power mode is on. If necessary, turn off the low-power mode or charge the iPhone until you have sufficient battery charge, and then try using the Siri to test the Hey Siri feature. Go to Settings → Battery → Low Power Mode and tap the switch off.

Remove headphones or earphones.

Remove them, talk to your phone, and try Hey Siri if you’re wearing headphones or earphones. Siri should work through earphones, but they are another possible point of failure when troubleshooting Siri issues, so try the Virtual Assistant without any intermediate audio device.

Normal or forced restart

The first step in troubleshooting is to restart the iPhone. It may seem easy for you, but many minor bugs and app issues resolve by just turning off the device for a few seconds.

  • Push and retain the Top (or Side) button until the slider emerges.
  • Dragging the slider completely turns off the device.
  • After the device is powered off, press and hold the top (or side) button again until the Apple Logo appears.

Other Methods

If Siri is not working and the factory reset still fails to solve the problem, the next option to try will be to restore iOS via either Recovery Mode or DFU Mode. Ensure you have prepared your computer to accomplish this since both of these methods are performed via iTunes. A step-by-step tutorial on how to perform a recovery mode restore or DFU mode restore on iPhone XR can be found in the tutorial section of this site. For more information, visit the iPhone XR Troubleshooting page.

For additional options and more advanced solutions, escalate the issue to Apple Support. Tell them exactly what happened and how the iPhone XR terminal Siri stopped responding.

Adjust settings to reactivate Hey Siri

To do this, go to the settings, then face ID and password, or Touch ID and password on some devices. Scroll down to “Allow access when locked.” Switch the switch next to Siri to the ON position. On the right side, it should turn from clear to green.

Closing Remarks: How to solve Siri not working

Virtual assistants have been around for so long as most people know that trigger phrases are used to inform phones, computers, or smart speakers that the next command or question is directed at the device. And the computer behind the assistant starts recording sounds temporarily for analysis. By posing long, the human is told that he has finished. In Apple and Google, continuing the name of the Hey and Assistant is the default prompt for starting recording and processing, but other methods are often available. On iPhones and iPad, the assistant is activated by pressing and holding the sleep button, and you do not need to preface like “Hey, Siri.”

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