How to solve Hulu Error Code Runtime 2

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When you endeavor to stream movies, shows, and even live TV on Hulu, you may encounter the Hulu error code runtime-2. Hulu error runtime-2 means that video content suddenly stops playing in the Hulu app or Hulu web player. The error screen is displayed when the error occurs. So what causes the Hulu error runtime-2? Typically, a Hulu Runtime-2 error occurs when there is a sudden failure of the Hulu app or web player.

Hulu Error Code Runtime 2: Causes

Many users face the Hulu error code Runtime 2, which is caused by a problem with the network; the reason Hulu is not working is a technical error during online video playback. If the Hulu app suddenly stops while playing an online video, the cause is the error code Runtime 2.

If some run-time error occurs and the program crashes, it is due to a run-time error code. Troubleshooting steps are needed to correct this common defect.

How to Fix Hulu Error Code Runtime 2

There are many ways to fix this error code and resume streaming on Hulu. Thankfully, this glitch is common, and there are several workarounds.

We have several fixes in place that may address this issue so you can continue to watch your favorite movies and shows.

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How to Upgrade Hulu? Step by step guide

How to solve Hulu error code p-dev320? Complete guide step by step

1.      Update Hulu App

As discussed above, the Hulu error code runtime-2 may be due to a problem with the Hulu application. So, to solve this Hulu error, you may try to update this app. Some apps update automatically, or you can force an immediate update if the system has not yet checked it and it is available.

If the Hulu program has been updated, check to see if the Hulu error runtime-2 has been corrected.

2.      Update streaming device firmware

It is also possible that the manufacturer of your streaming device has already provided a fix for the current problem. Streaming devices typically check for these system updates automatically, but most also offer the option to check for updates manually. For example, the Amazon Fire Stick, Fire TV, and Fire Cube can be updated manually.

3.      Clear browser and device cache

Deleting the browser cache and the Hulu app cache together may also help resolve this issue. This is an easy method that takes only a few minutes.

You can get rid of bugs such as corrupted data in your browser or streaming device; clear your browser cache by deleting temporary files, cookies, web history, and other browsing data. If cache clearing in the browser does not work, you can also choose to delete the Hulu app cache.

4.      Uninstall and Reinstall Hulu

If the above solutions do not resolve the Hulu runtime-2 error, you may choose to uninstall and reinstall Hulu. This method will fix the error caused by the corrupted Hulu application.

5.      Disable firewall and anti-virus software

As a workaround for this error code, disable your firewall and anti-virus program for a short time. This may allow enough space for the Hulu app to function properly. However, we do not recommend leaving your device unprotected, so please enable these programs when you have finished streaming.

6.      Close and reopen your browser

If you experience this situation on your computer, there is no need to uninstall your web browser. In most cases, simply closing and reopening the browser will resolve the problem. If there are updates to the browser, be sure to install them at this time.

7.      Check your Internet connection.

This appears to be the most typical cause of this error on Hulu. As mentioned above, it is also the easiest fix. There may be a problem with your home Wi-Fi network that is causing this issue.

Therefore, please make sure you have a good Internet connection when using this service again. If your Internet connection speed is slow, we recommend that you secure a faster connection.

8.      Power cycle your device

This problem may be resolved by simply turning the equipment off and on again. Some streaming devices do not have a power button, in which case it may be possible to turn them back on through the settings menu. If this is not possible, unplugging the device for at least one minute usually works.

  • Make sure your system meets Hulu’s system requirements

To provide the best streaming experience, your system should meet Hulu’s needs. You are less likely to encounter issues like the Runtime-2 error code with Hulu. Please keep your browser up-to-date and make sure you have enough free space on your hard disk before using this service again. Also, JavaScript and Cookies must be enabled.


To fix Hulu error code runtime-2, this article has shown nine reliable methods. If you have better ideas to improve, you can also share them in the comment zone.

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