How to make my phone vibrate continuously? Best methods

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Phone vibrate

Smartphones these days are not just phones but are used for various purposes. But have you ever thought that your phone could also serve as your massager and give off constant vibrations to alert you more powerfully?

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This article describes seven ways to vibrate your smartphone. The steps apply to Samsung, Android, and iPhone 7 or later.

How do you make any Android Phone Vibrate?

Other Android smartphones can be set to vibrate mode in a similar way. Choose the easiest method depending on the contents of your device. Other titles that indicate vibration mode settings may include touch vibration, sound profile, or similar.

  • Set to vibration mode from the shortcut menu on the home screen.
  • Set to vibrate mode with the volume down key. Make sure the volume down key is not set to adjust the media volume.
  • Set to vibration mode from the settings options.

How to Make a Samsung Phone Vibrate?

There are several effortless ways to enable vibration mode on Samsung smartphones. Here is a simple way.

Vibrate Mode from Notification Panel

  • First, swipe down at the top of the Home screen to reveal the Notification Panel shortcut.
  • In the shortcut, next to the Wi-Fi icon, you will see a sound icon. If the smartphone’s sound is turned on, it will appear blue and appear to be emitting noise.
  • Next, tap the sound icon to display the vibration mode icon. When you activate your phone’s vibration mode, it will now vibrate for a moment to indicate that it is in vibration mode.

Activate vibration mode using the volume keys


You can also activate the vibration mode with the volume down key. Vibration mode requires pressing the volume down key until the vibration mode icon appears on the soundbar. Here is a complete step-by-step method:

  • First, press the Volume Down key on your Samsung phone to display the soundbar.
  • Next, you require to swipe down on the soundbar to bring up the audio shortcut menu.
  • Toggle the volume key to the off position. The volume key can then be used to enter the vibration mode.

Activate “Vibration Mode” from “Settings.”

Here, we will even instruct you on how to enable the vibrate mode on your phone from the back-end settings of your device. Here is the complete step-by-step method.

  • Swipe down on your Mobile phone from the top of the home screen to go to the notification panel.
  • Next, go to your phone’s settings and go to the “Sounds and Vibrations” tab.
  • You must tap “Sound,” then “Vibration Mode.”

How to make your iPhone vibrate?

For iPhone, it can be set to silent mode. To set it to vibrate mode, go to the back-end settings. Here is how to enable vibration mode on your iPhone.

Go to iPhone Settings and open the “Sounds and Haptics” tab.

Then the toggle and Vibrate on Silent must be set to the On position. This will ensure that the iPhone is in vibrating mode with the volume down key in silent mode.

Method 2: Using the sounds and vibration patterns Settings

Scroll down to the Sound and Vibration Pattern settings to customize the type of vibration for different features and apps, such as Reminders, Ringtones, AirDrop, and more.

Follow the following steps:

  • First, you must tap the function for which you want to set the vibration.
  • Next, click the vibration.
  • All that remains is to choose the vibration pattern you prefer.
  • Tap Custom Vibration to create a new vibration, and then tap the Unique Beat.

Make your Android Mobile Vibrate Continuously With the App

To vibrate your Android phone for extended periods of time, you will need to download a third-party app. There are many relaxation apps that can turn your phone into a massager; we list two apps that are available for Android.

1.      Vibrator X from Vitro Studio

This application has a 0-100 power dial to adjust the vibration level. It also has four vibration options that can be toggled. Swipe right from the app to get the relaxing sound options. Tap User Custom to start a sound, and then tap the sound you want to hear. You can tap multiple sounds at once for a more elaborate experience.

2.      Body Massager Vibration App

Like the app before it, it serves as a massager, so you control the power and the type of vibration patterns with your phone. This one has about the same power levels but now has five vibration options instead of four.

Install either of the two apps from the Google Play Store. Both are easy to use and allow you to use your phone’s vibration feature as much as possible.

App for iPhone

iMassage U Vibrating Massager

The app features a power setting that makes it easy to start and stop the vibrations. When you select a pattern, you are presented with five free patterns; other patterns are available with a $1.99 premium account.

iVibe Best Vibrating Massager

The app authorizes users to start and stop vibrations with a tap. Select Settings to find two free patterns; a $1.99 premium account gives you other options.


We have described all possible and optimal ways to continuously vibrate a cell phone. If you can notice your cell phone vibrating when you receive a call, text, or notification, you need to make your cell phone vibrate louder or continuously.

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