How to Exit navigation on Google Map App and use of voice commands?

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How to Exit navigation on Google Map

Can’t close the Google navigation app? Are you consuming batteries or mobile data? Want to stop unwanted notifications? Many users will question, “How do I exit the Navi app?” Users can apply whichever navigation key on the app. Maybe it suddenly exits sometimes. As described by several users in the Google forum, clicking the “X” button on the navigation screen of the Google map does not terminate the app because of the app’s design. Tapping the button will only stop the navigation, and the Google map will continue to run on your phone. In addition, some complaints tapping the “End Navigation” button in the Notification Center will not work.

How to exit navigation on Google map

About using the Google Navi app

Do you like to move to a unique location? In such a case, the Google Map app is very convenient. It’s the best app to learn about real-time GPS navigation, traffic, transfers, and millions of places. You can also find reviews of important places to decide where to go. It’s now one of the many useful apps in daily routine. It happens when the Google map runs on a mobile phone or Android Auto.

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How do I exit the Google navigation app?

As I mentioned earlier, the Google Map app has no exit button. So you need to change some settings so that the map doesn’t bother you.

Step 1:

Go to your phone settings and find the app options. The location depends on the mobile phone. As I know, it is under the general section on my phone. Just locate it and unlock the app.


In the app, scroll down and find the map. Then click the map to unlock it.


Now you can Google Maps app info. Above all of them, you have the option to disable the Google navigation app. So click and disable the map app.


After tapping the disable button, a pop-up will appear, and you will need to select “Yes” to exit the navigation app completely. Remember, you can activate it later by tapping and activating the button.

How to employ a Voice Command for a Google Map?

Each task in the Google Assistant is triggered by a voice command, such as Sending a text message or Setting a 10-minute timer. This hands-free operation is useful when you are busy driving, cooking, or doing other work. You can operate Google Assistant to control the Voice Navigation process when employing Google Maps. Before you can issue the command, you need to start the Google Assistant by saying, “OK, Google.” When the command is registered, the microphone icon in the upper right of the navigation screen is coloured and lights up. It means that the device is “listening” to commands.

How do I mute the Google Assistant but keep navigation turned on?

If you want to remove the verbal guidance and continue the map display, say, “Mute the audio guidance.” This command mutes the audio component of the navigation feature, but it continues to display the on-screen map navigation.

To restore the voice guidance, say, “Unmute the voice guidance.”

Closing Words

The Close function closes the currently running application. The user returns to the list of apps. Users can select and open other apps. Exit stops evaluating different expressions. All function calls bound with a semicolon operator after Exit is not executed.

You can employ the optional Signout debate to sign the existing user out of Power Apps. Signing out is useful if your device is shared to help keep you secure.

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