How to enable Snapchat dark mode on iPhone and android?

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Snapchat introduced a dark mode for iPhone users. This article will show you how to set your Snapchat app to dark mode. Eye strain is common when using a smartphone at midnight. Not only that, but the tight blue light on the screen makes bed rest worse and causes headaches and other problems. Many apps, websites, and smart devices offer a dark mode as an option to avoid this.

What is Dark Mode and how to enable it in Snapchat

Dark Mode (also called Night Mode) is a setting that changes the app’s color scheme to a dark landscape. Dark Mode, also called sleep mode, is a display setting used when you plan to stay up late at night with the lights turned off. It is available in many apps, including Facebook and Snapchat.

With Dark Mode, even if you use a smart device such as a smartphone at night, your eyes will not get tired, and you will not get insufficient sleep. Unfortunately, not all apps offer night mode. Even the most popular apps have not yet added this beneficial feature.

How to enable Dark Mode in Snapchat for iPhone Users?

Step 1:

Tap on the body icon in the upper left to open your Snapchat profile.

Step 2:

 From your profile page, press the “Settings” gear icon in the top right corner of your screen.

Step 4:

Tap “App Appearance” under “My Account” settings, you will see the option to change the theme of Snapchat.

Step 5:

Match System, Always Dark, and Always Light.

Step 6:

Select “Always Light” to enable the light function in Snapchat, and tap “Always Dark” to enable the dark option.

How to Enable Dark Mode in Snapchat (Andriod Users)?

Dark Mode in Snapchat is the most reasonable globally as it is too cool and dirty as an app with only light mode. The good news for iPhone users is that Snapchat can either reflect the light/dark mode settings on your device or set it to always be in dark mode.

On Android terminals, you must enable developer mode.

Step 1:

First, go to Settings and select Display.

Step 2:

Select Dark Mode and apply the black theme across your phone across the app.

Step 3:

Then, return to the settings and options about the mobile phone down until you see.

Step 4:

 Select the software information, then type the build number multiple times. You must then be in developer mode.

Step 5:

After that, move to the settings and select the developer tool, and the forced dark mode tab is included.

Step 6:

Switch it to the “On” setting, and Snapchat will work in dark mode.

How do I get Dark Mode in Xiaomi Snapchat?

Snapchat will not have the Dark Mode feature as long as your device is under Android. However, you can try the previous section tricks applied to most Android phones and older Snapchat versions.

How to enable Dark Mode in Samsung Snapchat?

As with Xiaomi, Snapchat’s dark mode is not available on Android phones, regardless of the model. However, as long as you have an older version of Snapchat, you can try the How to Get Dark Mode trick in

 the Android Snapchat section.

Verdict: Enable Snapchat dark mode

Snapchat is one of the final social media apps to execute Dark Mode and is presently available for iOS applications and Andriod. Snapchat Inc. does not share details about the availability of dark mode in the Android app, meaning that users must at least officially wait indefinitely to get a simple feature like dark mode. It’s been a few months since Snapchat first rolled out the dark mode of the iOS app, but Android users are still in the dark about the availability of this feature.

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