How to downgrade from iOS15?

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The iOS 15 update brings Apple’s newest operating system and adds features: a new tab bar and customizable start page in Safari, and new features in Maps, including city driving and AR walking directions. After releasing the iOS 15 update, Apple will patch current bugs but may introduce new ones in the process. This article will help you how to downgrade from the iOS15 Beta without losing any data.

Things to be noted before downgrading

Backup your data

It is very important to back up your data so that you do not lose important data while working, so remember to back up your iPhone or iPad data on iTunes or iCloud. Of course, you can also take help from third-party software.

Make sure your phone is charged.

Make sure that your iPhone is fully charged before downgrading, as downgrading takes some time and may cause the iPhone to discharge.

Check iPhone storage space.

As you know, iOS downgrades and upgrades require sufficient storage. It helps if you have enough free storage to download various features.

How to downgrade from ios15?

Now you have to download iOS 14.7.1 for your iPhone model. Apple does not provide the download itself, but many sites offer a completely free download. Once you have downloaded the file to your PC or Mac, follow the given steps.

  1. Connect your iPhone to your PC or Mac using the included Lightning cable.
  2. On a Computer/Laptop or pre-Catalina Mac, open iTunes. macOS Catalina, launch the Finder and tick on iPhone in the sidebar.
  3. You will see a pop-up notification telling you that your iPhone has an issue and that you need to update or restore it.
  4. Hold down the Shift key (PC) or Option key (Mac) and click the Restore button.
  5. Choose the IPSW you just downloaded.
  6. Agree to Apple’s Terms & Conditions.

How do I stop the upgrade from iOS 14 to iOS 15?

Don’t want to use iOS 15 before the final user report on iOS 15 is released? So, what should you need to do to stay on iOS 14?

  1. Open “Settings” on your iPhone, iPod, or iPad
  2. Now, go to the “General” menu > then “Software Update
  3. Tap “Automatic Updates
  4. Disable the option to download and install iOS updates automatically


Is it safe to downgrade iOS15?

By taking the necessary steps carefully on a secure platform like iTunes, downgrading your iOS version is quite safe. However, if you opt for other unauthorized methods like jailbreaking, your phone could face permanent damage.

Will I lose all data from my phone if I downgrade my iOS?

Downgrading means erasing all data from the device and reinstalling the old operating system. The best scenario is to have backed up your iPhone before installing the latest iOS version. If so, you can restore that backup to your device.

What happens if I skip an iOS update?

Is it bad to not update my iPhone? Generally, your iPhone and major apps should work as they should whether you update or not. If you bring up to date your iPhone to the latest iOS, your apps may stop working. If this is the case, you may need to update your apps as well.


If you cannot stick with this procedure until the final iOS 15 is released, you can downgrade from iOS15 to iOS 14. You can be aware of security issues and various problems detected in the iOS 15 Beta. While doing so, remember you can only update to a newer public version of iOS than the version you have. You will need to wait for the final public release to migrate from the beta version fully. The above method will only help you downgrade to iOS 14.

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