How to create a signature for a pdf document on android, mac, and windows?

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How to create a signature for a pdf document on android, mac, and windows?

Do you know every document that comes up to you that needs your approval requires you to sign on it? Technology has taken control over almost everything around. There is no need to jingle with a pile of rusted and faded papers requiring your signature. Do it your classy way. Sign your documents digitally.

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But here the question is, how can you sign your Pdf document on any device you have. Learn to sign PDF files through this reading. We will teach you to secure your files.

Suppose you are an android user, mac user, or Microsoft windows user; no need to worry about it. All three of the devices have a different method, but you will learn all three of them. That too easily and conveniently.

Hang in there tight because soon you will understand the procedure of signing your PDF documents 100%. Nothing to worry about, you will have a full and firm grip over this, and from now on, you can make up your digital signatures.


The importance of signing pdf documents:

First of all, you need to know why it is essential for you to sign a document. When you sign your PDF file, it means that you own it fully.

Nobody can make amendments or further proceedings in the file. All rights are reserved. The second or third parties that view your document files can add texts only, that too in specific areas you have allowed them to fill up. So, now you must be thinking how amazing it would be to lock your documents.

Taking you towards the first step, the PDF document signature process in Android phones. So, if you have an Android, continue reading, and become an expert in this field.

Create your signature on a pdf document on android phones:

Mobile Phone is a go-to gadget for everyone. The Android users can pay their attention here. You can sign your PDF documents on your Android phones in no time. Here we will discuss how to do it step-by-step to understand better.

  • The first thing you need to do is go to the play store on your phone. now, download the “Adobe Acrobat reader.”
  • When the download is finished downloading, you need to open your PDF document in the adobe reader app. Or go to the PDF file and choose the ‘open via adobe reader’ option, and boom, your file is already opened.
  • Now, at the bottom of the page. There will be a pen icon on the screen. Tap on it. After that, an option will pop up that says “fill and sign” tap on that option.
  • After that, you will find an icon of pen tip at the top center of the screen tap on that. There will be the option “create signature” go for that option.
  • The sign area pops up on the “sign here” screen.
  • Turn your phone horizontally to have a good or big sign. That’s only a suggestion.
  • After signing in the area, tap on “done.”
  • Now tap on that pen tip icon once more, and then tap on your signature.
  • Tap and hold onto your signature. Drag that to the part in the PDF file where the signature is needed.
  • Release the signature when you place it at the correct part.
  • Ending the process now with the finishing step. That winds up your file and locks it. You will see a check symbol at the top corner of the app screen. Tap that symbol to finish the process.

Your file is now ready to be exported or sent in whatever way you want, i.e., text, email, Bluetooth, etc.

Create signature on a pdf document for Mac:

Now comes the turn for the Mac or iPhone users. No worries, guys. This process is way easy and convenient for Mac users. Mac users have a preview app that is built-in already. Quick and convenient.

Follow these steps to create your signatures on your MacBook.

  • Find your PDF doc ready to take the process.
  • After this, open your built-in preview app and then open the necessary PDF doc.
  • Check the top left on the screen and press the option “view.” You will find “show markup toolbar” in the view section.
  • Open the toolbar by clicking on the pen tip encircled at the top right.
  • Now that you have opened the toolbar click on the signature symbol.
  • You are good to go to create your signature.
  • But hold on, you must be wondering what if you have already created a signature before? No worries, you can track it down.
  • Click on the option of “create the signature.” It will provide you with a few choices.
  • First, clock the trackpad, then choose “click here to begin” after that, sign your name on the trackpad.
  • Another choice is to write down your signature on any page and make sure that there are no marks or Writings on the page other than your signature. Then select the camera and show that piece of paper to the camera. Hold still till it processes your signature. The first appearance of the signature would be a reverse mirror effect, but then it will be straight.
  • Another option is if you are using iPhone too, select the option of iPhone on the top of the screen. Connect your iPhone with Mac. A screen will appear on your iPhone on which you can sign. It will directly mirror your signature on your Mac. Isn’t it exciting??
  • Finish it off by clicking on done. You are now the owner of your digital signature.

Create signature on PDF document for windows:

Last but not least, here we come to the Windows PC users. If you have Microsoft Windows, you can sign your PDF document is quite simple and similar to Android phones. The only difference is that Android users do it on their phones, whereas Microsoft users do it on PCs or laptops.

 The users need to download Adobe Acrobat reader files on their PCs. Because, unlike Mac, Microsoft Windows do not have the software or application of a built-in PDF feature.

On the other hand, the browser “Microsoft Edge” is quite a help in this process. It is a built-in browser in Windows that can sign your PDF documents in no time. You can also use other apps like adobe and similar to it to sign and secure your documents. The choice is yours.

 Let’s not delay any further. Here we will learn two go-to processes to sign the PDF documents. The first is the Microsoft Edge browser process, and the second is the Adobe Acrobat reader process.

The use of Microsoft edge for signing pdf files:

  • The first step is to open your file in the file manager part and open the file by clicking on “open with Microsoft edge.”
  • After your file is open in Microsoft edge, look at the top right corner of the screen, you will see a pencil icon there. Hit the click.
  • A box will open on the screen where you can sign.
  • Sign the document with the help of the cursor.
  • Click on save or done below.
  • See, it’s that simple, no hassle at all. Your document is now protected and classified.

Signing pdf files with the help of adobe acrobat reader on pc:

  • First of all, download the Adobe Acrobat Reader app on your pc.
  • After that, open it and look for the “fill and sign” option on the window. Select that option.
  • Then there will open a page”select a file” on your screen. Select the required file, or you can directly open your file by selecting the option of “open with Adobe Acrobat reader.”
  • Now look for the fill and sign column again. A statement will pop up on your screen saying, “fill and sign forms or get them signed by others.”
  • Then select the required document.
  • When the document is finally opened in adobe, it will give you two options. One is to type your name, and another one is “create signature” choice is yours.
  • Type your name or create your signature by using different formats in adobe.
  • To place the signature on the essential part of the document, click on “apply” at the bottom of the screen right beneath.
  • Draw the signature with the cursor and left-click it on the preferred area.
  • You can alter the size and place of your signature too.

With the above process, you can get your signed documents. Send them via whatever source you want.

Final verdict:

Many people are looking to create a signature for a PDF document on Android, Mac, and Windows because it is necessary now. You can create your sign by following some simple steps. Make sure to do it properly because you never know when you need it.

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