How to cancel alarm on Andriod and IOS?

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Android, the OS of mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones, can easily set alarms on the device. You can cancel alarm after it has sounded and then stop it, or you can disable an alarm that you no longer need and stop it from ringing. You can cancel alarms during a session from the screen that appears while the alarm is ringing. So, you must manage your app settings to stop alarms. These procedures apply to Android 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4.4, and Wear operating systems.

How to cancel Alarms on Android 10

Although Android OS has changed dramatically over the years, most basic features have not changed. For Android 5.0 and later, do the following:

  • Start the “Clock” app.
  • If you don’t see an alarm, push the Alarms.
  • Tap the toggle button next to the alarm you desire to cancel. If the alarm is off, the switch is greyed out.
  • If the alarm is already tinging, swab Stop at the base of the alarm display.
  • Tap Snooze and if you want to cancel before the next alarm cycle turns, launch the Watch app and find the alarm that is still in progress. Time the Snooze rings again]Tap Snooze until. The alarm is then removed until it is scheduled to ring again.
  • If you haven’t heard any alarms yet, but you’re getting close to the clock, open the Clock app, tap the Alarms tab, and look for an alarm that’s going to sound—tap Release.

How to permanently delete an alarm

  1. Start the Clock app.
  • Find the alarm, tap and expand if necessary to see details. Tap Delete.

How to Cancel alarm in iPhone

How you cancel the alarm depends on when you want it to be cleared.

  • If you’ve already sounded and want to cancel, tap Stop at the bottom of the reminder screen.
  • If you want to turn off the Snooze before it sounds again after you tap it, turn on your device so that the notification screen appears, and tap the alarm notification. It will cancel the alarm.
  • You have to Swipe left on the alarm and click Delete.
  • Edit Tap, click Delete Tap the button to [Delete] Tap.
  • Click Edit, click the alarm and then click Delete Alarm.

How to add an alarm in android?

  • Launch the “Clock” application on the Android terminal. The Clock app can be spread from the “App” icon on the gadget’s home screen or by extending the “All Programs” menu and picking “Clock”.
  • Tap “Alarm” and “Add Alarm”.
  • Select a time and choose “AM” or “PM”.
  • If options are available on your Android device, enter a description for the alarm, such as “Wake Up.”
  • Click on “Sound of Alarm” and select the sound of the alarm if the option is available on your device.
  • Select Repeat, and then select the day of the week for which you want the reminder to sound.
  • Click Finish, Save, or Set Reminder to save your entered settings. If necessary, click Add Alarm again to add another alarm.

Closing Words: How to cancel alarm on Andriod and IOS?

It is always very easy to cancel the alarm if you know it very well. Sometimes, when we feel sleepy, we can’t understand how to cancel the alarm. But here we mention the few steps which can easily turn off the alarm.

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