How long do graphic cards last? Top famous graphic cards | Complete guide

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How long do graphic cards last

Know “graphic cards life”. It is a famous machine used to enhance high-quality and high-saturation images on display screens and explore graphics. It is generally built to last and designed to perform best with as little power as possible, relaxed, and last for years without breaking or getting worn. The GPU can be used for about ten years if stored properly, and it will work if you want to. There are several reasons for death to occur earlier than expected, most of which involve overuse and overuse. In some cases, you may die before your warranty expires (I think that’s a good thing because I just RMA it?)

What is a graphic card?

A graphics processing unit, generally understood as a GPU, is a remarkable electronic unit organized to adjust and use memory to accelerate the design of pictures within the frame pad, which directs to the video presentation. These appliances are employed in mobile phones, implanted methods, gaming consoles, and private computers.

How do I inspect if my GPU is down?

Even if you use a graphics card from a few years ago, you may experience performance issues and be confident that the card will be replaced. Instead of spending hundreds of dollars on a new GPU or waiting for months for the cards to come back within the warranty period, you can usually fix a small problem at home.

  • However, further testing is needed to diagnose dying GPUs. Here’s how to tell precisely if the GPU is dying. At one moment, your graphics card is running a fierce game of the latest graphics without any problems. After that, the computer shuts down immediately, and the monitor gets out of the signal. I hear a loud beep when I reboot, and the motherboard displays the error code.
  • Some motherboards have built-in sensors that detect when a computer component fails. As a result, the motherboard displays an error code indicating which parts are affected.
  • One of the significant signs that the GPU is depleting is that the computer crashes and can no longer be restarted. Sometimes, the GPU runs a high-graphics game without any problems, but after a few hours, the computer suddenly shuts down, and the monitor loses signal. I hear a beep from the motherboard indicating the error code when I try to reboot.

How long does the graphic cards last?

Generally, it is said that GPUs can be used for about five years if they are correctly handled and air-flowed. If no overclocking and thermal measures are taken, it can be expected to last longer.

Since the fan is the best satisfying part of the GPU, it is better possible to die over the period. Fans can use it for 2-5 years but think of GPUs as longer.

  1. Graphics card minimum life of 3 years
  2. Average Graphics Card Life 5-7 Years
  3. Graphics Card Lifetime 10 Years

The main cause of a graphic cards failure

In a word, it is “heat.” The most common cause of death for graphics cards is overheating a component, usually the GPU. It can cause a chip failure or, in some cases melting of the solder joint. In general, it is better to think that every ten °C rises above room temperature will halve the chip’s life.

For everyday use, especially casual use, the cards rarely enter the hazardous waters.

Below are some reasons why your GPU may die completely

  • A manufacturing defect may cause an early failure of a GPU component.
  • Incompatible graphics card installation
  • Static overload on the graphics card
  • Moisture accumulates in the card, damaging the parts.
  • Over-heating due to breakage and wear of the bearing of the cooling fan
  • To operate a graphic card in a game incompatible with a software driver

Manufacturer failure

Sometimes, you may see a malfunction from your graphics card manufacturer. But it is such a rear case. The company provides you with a guarantee to make you a satisfied client.

Installation Defects

For example, you may need to build your computer using a custom product and set it up separately.

After that, you can face that kind of problem because you are not a professional engineer to build a PC. So, to properly install all the hardware devices on your computer, if you can’t, try to reach out to someone who has enough experience.

Can you use the graphic cards for ten years?

GPUs will last ten years without proper cooling and overclocking. However, GPUs are likely to become obsolete in about five years due to the possibility of more graphical AAA games and a lack of driver support.

The fan is the only moving part of the GPU and may need to be replaced if it fails; otherwise, the GPU itself has been fully operational for ten years. If you’re planning to play multiple games over a few years and want to keep up with the latest game trends, it’s unlikely your graphics card will be able to keep up to 10 years full. However, you can use it for several years, especially if you have purchased the most powerful GPU.

List of best graphic cards

1-NVIDIA RTX 2060 Super

2-Enubidia GTX 2080 TI

3-AMD RX 5700

4-Enubidia GTX 1660 TI


How to fix graphic cards?

Sometimes suddenly, a failure occurs, and the computer screen does not display graphics. Now, what to do in this situation? A straightforward attempt to guide you to save your money.

To repair your card with a good attempt of airy, ventilated area. To, you need to follow five steps to fix this.

Step No.1 Explode:

Rarely the joints may break down due to overheating, mainly caused by poor people or dry heat paste or perhaps both. The defective item is displayed on a grey slap in the centre of the card.

Step No.2 Cleaning:

Remove old or dried heat conductive paste with alcohol. The delicate surface of the tip should not be scratched.

Step No.3 heating:

Place the chips in a 200°C oven for 10 minutes.

Another method is to use a heat gun. Move 10cm away from the card and rotate the heat gun while slowly moving the entire chip. Do not heat from one point.

Step No.4 Operate at a low frame rate.

Many online games require twice as much effort as offline games. Driver support is struggling because your pc needs to struggle to connect to the Internet and provide live performance.

So, try to play online games like PUBG shooting game, then you have to play the game at a high frame rate. It’s not a very good thing for a computer.

Step No.5 Cool the PC

The cooling of PCs is one of the essential factors for long-life support. Several options are available for cooling the device.

Closing Lines

Even if the parameters are not available, forcing the PC to a certain level or higher can damage the PC and the graphics card. Pressing the PC will not give the clarity of the graphics as much as the gamer needs, and after a while, this can destroy the graphics card from the inside out. Choosing the right graphics card for you can be difficult. Although only AMD and Nvidia are responsible for all GPUs, they also offer several products depending on the price range and graphics needs. Also, the first logical step may seem to be choosing a company, but it is more important to consider the amount of money you can purchase and the resolution you intend to play the game.

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