Google Messages app updated Organization and Reactions

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Google Messages app updated

It has been known for several months that Google has been working to ensure that its messaging application properly displays reactions to emojis sent by iPhone users. Now Google plans to make this feature available to all as part of new and updated features. These features in the Messages app will be rolled out over the next few weeks.

Google announced today a major upgrade to its default messaging app. The Messages app, which comes pre-installed on most Android phones, will gain many new features with this update. In particular, it will address the longstanding problem of iMessage “tap backs” not being delivered as emoji reactions but sent as separate messages. This issue was making chats between Android and iPhone users confusing, messy, and too noisy.

What will be new in Google Messages app updated?

Reactions to messages from iPhone users have long been a major frustration for many Messages users. And that has finally been addressed. In the latest update, reactions from iPhone users are now displayed as emoji instead of text, though Google says that, for now, this feature is only available on phones set to English. It is also planning to add more languages in the future.

In addition to improvements to reactions requested by users, this update also includes tools to help users organize their messages and history. Messages are automatically categorized into Business and Personal and filed in their respective tabs. Password-related text can also be set to be automatically deleted after 24 hours.

Google will also integrate Google Photos into the Messages app to improve the video sharing experience. iMessage does not support RCS, so people with Android devices can share high-quality videos with each other, but the same video can be shared on an iPhone. Then it appears blurry. Therefore, by sending a link to the video via Google Photos, iPhone users will view the video in the same high quality. This feature will later be supported for photos as well.

The latest update to Google’s Messages app has already begun rolling out and will be finished in the coming weeks.

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