Black screen Roku tv errors” Here is how to fix it.”

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Have you ever faced the problem black screen of death on a Roku TV? Many Roku users experience this problem. There are quite a few keys you can try to crack this difficulty. The most common reason for the Sharp Roku TV display not turning on is a problem with the power or connection cable. Also, the backlight may be faulty. This article provides five ways to fix the dreaded black screen on a Sharp Roku TV.

Why is my Roku TV trapped on a black screen?

There are several reasons why your Roku TV is stuck on a black screen. The problem could be with the Roku remote control or the TV itself. By understanding the specific cause of the problem, you can address the troubleshooting details. If the TV screen is dimmed, but the audio comes on, there may be a problem with the power cable, or the backlight on display may malfunction.

On the other hand, if the TV does not show video or audio, restarting the TV will solve the problem. If you have problems rebooting your TV, the problem may be with your Roku remote control. You may require to return the batteries or test this hack to repair the remote control.

How do you repair a black screen on Roku?

It isn’t easy to pinpoint why the TV screen is black, but try some of these tips until your Sharp Roku TV starts up.

1. Resume your Roku TV

If your Roku TV has a black mesh, the most effortless key is to reboot the TV.

  • Turn off the TV using the Roku remote control.
  • Pause for 15 to 30 seconds, then turn the power on again.

If this does not work, leave the TV on and unplug the power cord; after a minute, plug the regime cord back into the forum and twist the TV back on.

2. Power cycle your  Roku TV

This method is often used to troubleshoot Sharp Roku TVs. Power cycling the TV and remote control can remove faulty electrical problems that cause a black screen.

  • Turn off the TV and cut off the power cord.
  • Wait 5-10 minutes, plug in the TV and turn it on.

To be sure, it is recommended that the remote control be power cycled. This section describes how to power reset the remote control.

  • Eliminate the batteries from the remote control.
  • Push each button several moments and shock the remote control.
  • Replace the batteries and use the remote control to open the Smart TV.

3. Check the cable connections

Push the device firmly into the video port and ensure the power cable is properly connected. For troubleshooting purposes, it is best to connect the power cable to a wall outlet with the power adapter supplied with the Roku (i.e., do not use the USB port on the TV).

  • Unplug the TV from the control passage.
  • Empty all cables from the back of the Roku TV. Plug them back in.
  • Turn on the TV and select the correct HDMI source.

4. Reset the Roku TV using your remote

Confirm the TV is on the valid input; the Roku attaches to one of the TV’s video ports, so it can only be used by pointing the TV to the correct source using the input/source button on the TV’s remote control. Most TVs have several input options (e.g., HDMI 1 and 2). If necessary, cycle through them, select each and then wait a few seconds for Roku to appear on the screen.

5. Factory reset the  Roku TV

Although many people do not wish to restore the factory settings, restoring the TV settings to their defaults is an effective way to get rid of the black screen. After a factory reset, you will need to complete a guided setup, reconnect to your home network, and set up all streaming platforms again. To this end, it is a suitable idea to note the saved settings to make it easier to re-apply them after a reset.


If you encounter a sudden death black screen on your Sharp Roku TV, you can easily remedy the problem by rebooting or resetting the TV, running a power cycle on the TV and remote, and ensuring all cable connections are secure. If none of these strategies works, the crisis is most likely a hardware issue. Contact Sharp TV support to have the backlight or power board repaired.

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