Become a true impostor with an executive Among Us costume

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Among Us costume

For those who still need to dress up until Halloween (if you haven’t dressed up yet, what are you doing?), I’d recommend the new Among Us costumes. If you get this ridiculous inflated costume, you will surely be able to deceive everyone around you and make them think you’re not suspicious. I’m not a swindler at all. No, not really. Try to see it.

There are two sizes for adults and children, and each size has four colors. Because adults are only 170 centimeters tall, tall people may have ankles. As you know, we love the costumes we wear as a family. However, both sizes are large enough that you will not inadvertently get into an air duct somewhere. (As I always do).

On the left, you can see the arms of the wearer wearing a costume.

For adults, a mirror visor hides the wearer’s identity, and for children, a mesh visor gives the wearer a sense of who wears it. At Amazon, adult costumes cost $49.99, but I didn’t know the price for kids. Unfortunately, the Amazon costumes are already sold out. However, Among Us, tweets will sell it at Walmart, HMV, and other retail outlets worldwide so that you might get it before the spookiest day of the year.

It’s an unthinkable day to sneak up behind your friends and scare them in fake crewmate costumes.  Never.


Type of fabric Polyester 98%, PVC1%, electronic parts 1

  • color black
  • Size Free Size
  • Material Polyester 98%, PVC1%, the electronic component 1
  • Brand Among Us

About Among Us costume

  • Polyester 98%, PVC1%, and electronic parts 1%.
  • fastener opening and closing
  • AMONG US COSTUME – The official brand of the hit online multiplayer game “Among Us” Coplay. Make a big impact with this Crewmate or Impostor outfit in the shape of an inflated bean.
  • ONE SIZE FITS ALL – One-size unisex costumes fit adults up to 180cm tall. You can choose from four colors. Four colors: red, yellow, pink, and black. So, the breathable, comfortable polyester suit comes with a hand slit and zipper. The metallic PVC visor ensures outside visibility and makes it difficult to get identification by the crew by the mirror effect.
  • Inflate, Don’t Inflate, Store: Automatically inflate in minutes with the included battery fan.
  • CREWMATE COSPLAY – Character makeover from popular social reasoning game “Among Us Costume.” It is an irresistible Coplay for game fans. It is an irresistible Coplay for game fans: Christmas, Halloween, Easter, Thanksgiving, Coplay parties, April Fool, and Children’s Day.
  • OFFICIAL LICENSED PRODUCT – Among us Costume official goods by Inner Sloth. There are no batteries; Four AA batteries are required.

Closing Lines

It’s unknown whether you can hack the outfit with the red beanie or pink blower, but if you’re worried about not having an arm in the outfit, takes a closer look — there seem to be slit in the armholes on either side. This way, a crammer can get Reed’s cup. There is a hole in the arm, but it is not likely to be reached very far. You can camouflage more if you put the sweater together.

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