Apple iPhone 14 news, price, release date & features

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Don’t worry. The iPhone 14 is on its way, and Apple doesn’t want to miss out on the year-end sales opportunity. While it’s still a ways off, early rumors are of four new iPhone 14 models arriving later this year, including a notchless high-end model and one that’s almost $900 with a 6.7-inch screen.

Apple iPhone 14 Release date

No hints have been given as to a possible release date for the iPhone 14. However, based on previous Apple iPhone presentations, the iPhone 14 is expected to debut in September 2022. Of course, something unforeseen could theoretically change that timeframe, but it is unlikely. iPhone 14’s release date is September 2022.

iPhone 14 price

As for pricing, it is also difficult to predict. However, we believe that the iPhone 14 will be the same price as the iPhone 13, with the regular iPhone 13 starting at $799 and the iPhone 13 Pro at $999. However, there may be no iPhone 14 mini, so we expect the more prominent 6.7-inch iPhone 14 Max to be priced at $899.

So, the iPhone 14 Pro could be $999 and the iPhone 14 Pro Max $1,099 or more.

Pre-Order Information

Apple will likely begin taking pre-orders for the new iPhone shortly after its announcement, so keep an eye on the release date update above to be among the first to pre-order the iPhone 14. 

Features & rumored

It’s premature to speculate too much on most of this phone’s features beyond the fact that it will ship running iOS 16 if released after this year’s iOS update (which is likely). There are growing rumors that the Mini model will not be released.

Here are some leaked features of the iPhone 14

No notch

The most significant change currently expected in the 2022 iPhone is the elimination of the notch cutout. The notch design was first introduced in the iPhone X and has remained unchanged. The notch houses the sensors Apple uses for Face ID and other applications.

Reliable Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo reports that Apple will eliminate the notch from the high-end iPhone 14 Pro in 2022.


A significant camera upgrade with a 48MP camera may be planned for this year’s iPhone. According to Kuo, the iPhone 14 will also feature dramatic improvements to the front-facing camera. The most significant change will be an upgrade to the autofocus feature of the front-facing camera. Details here are unknown, but the iPhone’s front-facing camera has a long way to go to catch up with the rear-facing camera.


Later this year, Apple is expected to announce a new processor for the iPhone. However, several separate sources indicate that Apple intends to reserve the next chip (likely the A16) for the ‘pro’ iPhone 14. Ming-Chi Kuo and others have reported that Apple will not upgrade the chip in the regular iPhone 14.


As for storage, Apple will likely use the same options as the iPhone 13. Entry-level handsets are 128GB, and top-of-the-line Pro handsets are 1TB. There is talk that Apple will offer 2TB of storage on the 2022 Pro model, but will it sell enough 2TB handsets to make it a worthwhile option? We are not convinced.


The iPhone 14, like its predecessor, will have 5G and may debut support for more countries like the iPhone 13. Reports of emergency satellite communications did not materialize with the iPhone 13, which may be another feature to watch. Ming-Chi Kuo also reports that Apple’s next iPhone may feature Wi-Fi 6E connectivity.


There are still a few months before the launch of the iPhone 14 models in 2022, but rumors of significant updates to these devices have been heard long before the iPhone 13 models were introduced.

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    • Exactly you are right because the iPhone company after launching its recent model asked the accessories companies to prepare their Cases, and glass protectors for the next model from where we get the data, How these phones will look like?

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