Amazing huge recent Among Us map offers you more ways to be sneaky.

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Finally, the Airship map appears in Among Us. The fourth map in this series is also the largest map ever, complete with multiple floors, devices, new tasks, and fresh hats. Developer InnerSloth first presented the new map at Game Awards 2020 in December. Thanks to its popularity, Among Us, has received constant updates to improve its multiplayer titles. Among Us was launched in 2018, but it was a huge success last year because the coronavirus pandemic restricted everyone to their home. The new map update for this game also increased the number of players.

InnerSloth announced an update through a blog post on Thursday detailing all the currently accepted Among Us features.

Features of the updated Among us page.

The airship is an astonishingly huge map. It consists of three sections: engine room, record, and main hall, and allows the player to choose which section to start from. New transportation options have also been added, such as going up and down on a ladder or floating a scaffold to move through gaps. Of course, the new map also has new missions. I’m not sure if I will clean up safes, clean up my safes, or fix a malfunction on the ship. You can do a lot of things. Like any other map, the fake can sneak through the vents to attack other players or block the ship’s system, creating a crisis that must be fixed — luring them in the direction they want.

Among Us Airship Guide Tips, Bent Position, Sabotage


Starting point

If you start from the same place as your crew in the Imposter, consider a quick kill (if a cool-down time permits). Similarly, if you remember the person spawning next to you, you may easily catch the first Imposter.

Admin, Security, Vital

By using three security systems, the winning rate of the Crew Mates increases significantly. The cockpit’s Admin, the medical room’s Vital, and the security room’s Surveillance cameras let you see where the crew is.

Surveillance camera

One of the cameras is looking at himself. The crew may decide to run when they see a stranger creeping, especially if the range is short.

What is Among Us?

Among Us is an online multiplayer social reasoning game similar to a mafia or a werewolf, provided by developer InnerSloth. You can play with 4-10 people or with strangers online.

In the game, you will assemble your ship as a crew of spaceships, airships, the Sky Command, and the Planetary Base and aim to return to Earth. However, one crew has replaced the parasite-like aliens and tries to kill the remaining crew before the ship returns. The problem is that the Imposter looks the same as everyone else. It destroys the ship, passes through the vents, cheats fellow players, and tries to charge other players with the sin. (If you have many players, you can have multiple fake players.) Find a guide to becoming the best fake here)

How to play with the new airship map?

On March 31st, developer InnerSloth released a completely new Among Us map, the Airship Map, to give players a new free stage. You will have the chance to choose from more than 12 rooms, new tasks, ladders, and rooms to start. A spaceship map called The Skeld is another free option that most players are familiar with. When you open the app and start a new game, you will be able to choose an airship from the options without knowing it today.

Other Among us Maps

The Skeld

Skeld is the original map of Among Us, so it is also recommended for beginners of Among Us. The large map has many corridors with ample ventilation, as shown in red on the map. A surveillance camera is installed on the map and can be seen from the security room. The yellow containers on the map symbolize locations where these cameras are in sight. The trouble control is in the middle of the restaurant and generated when the game begins.


Polus is a large map with several vents (red on top) and two decontamination rooms that can slow down the crew. The yellow containers conceal most of the map, but there is a duct just outside the safety room, so seating on the camera is not quite safe. The Polus emergency switch is found in the office.

Polus’s visual tasks are Weapons’ Clear Asteroids and MedBay‘s Submit Scan, but as mentioned above, you can see people using the MedBay scanner even if they have visual tasks turned off.


If you’re a fake, the airship is a playground with many important objects and distant corners that can be used to hide the crew’s dead bodies strategically. Of course, spoofing can be moved around using vents, or you can turn off the lighting and communication functions of the ship to confuse other players. The developers claim they “updated the art style with cleaner lines and a simpler animation process.” Among Us’s latest airship map includes jewelry polishing and garbage removal tasks.

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