Aerospace Science and Technology program

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Aerospace Science and Technology program

The program’s major objective is to provide students with training in the sciences and technologies. It is most commonly used and valuable in the aerospace sector. The program covers the basics of theory and practice and the methodology. Furthermore, it offers general training in research techniques to produce original, high-quality research (doctoral work) in the indicated areas. Students will learn about the most significant scientific and technical advances in these areas, the scientific and technical methods. Research teams use it to achieve them, and the technological and industrial applications associated with these developments. Students acquire advanced knowledge and skills in aerospace science and technology. So, they are ready to undertake analysis, evolution, and creative activities in this field.

Aerospcae and technology programme
aerospace and technology

The main content of the Aerospace Science and Technology program

The priority of the study is on the fundamentals of aerospace, including steering and control, material mechanics, fluid mechanics, structural dynamics, and drive technology. The project will examine challenging, fundamental problems in aerospace science and technology under the supervisor’s guidance.

The aim is to train innovative talents at a high level who know the international common sense and combine Chinese and foreign cultures so that international doctoral students can act as a cultural bridge.

General information

Access profile

A wide range of degrees is eligible for admission to the Aerospace Engineering PhD program. The most suitable candidates have earned a master’s degree in aerospace engineering or a master’s degree related to the program’s scientific field. Masters degrees in aerospace engineering or space physics are particularly suitable.

University graduates with significant research experience or specialization in one of the scientific areas of the program and basic knowledge of aspects of aeronautical navigation may also be considered for admission.

Duration of studies and engagement regulation

The maximum study duration for a full-time doctoral program is three years, from the time of admission to the program until the submission of the dissertation. The academic committee of the doctoral program may authorize a doctoral student to complete the doctoral studies part-time. In this subject, the maximum duration of study shall be five years from entry to the program until the date of submission of the doctoral thesis. For calculating these deadlines, the date of admission is the date of the first enrollment in the tutorials. The date of submission is when the Doctoral School officially submits the doctoral thesis.

Influence Score for Aerospace Science and Technology

According to its definition, the Impact Score (IS) 2020 for aerospace science and technology is 5.79. The IS for Aerospace Science and Technology has increased by a factor of 0.5. The approximate percentage change is 9.45% compared to 2019, which shows an increasing trend. The Impact Score (IS), also known as the Journal Impact Score (JIS), an academic journal, measures the average annual number of quotes from articles recently published in this journal. It is based on Scopus data.

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