Advanced Technology Groups (ATG)

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Advanced Technology Groups (ATG)

Are you excited to know the purpose of advanced technology groups (ATG) and benfit of ATG? What is the objective and commitment of the advanced technology groups?  The Advanced Technology Group (ATG) function is to provide technology opportunities for the improvements of companies regularly. ATGs typically lead prototypes and pilot projects. ATG develops and supports software solutions that help state and federal correctional institutions operate more efficiently and help criminals become more independent and reintegrate into society. Moreover, ATG has developed an enterprise-grade software suite that allows large federal and state correctional institutions to fulfill their mission and increase efficiency. We will also help criminals become more independent and ready to reintegrate into society.

Advanced Technology Groups (ATG)

Objectives of the Advanced Technology Groups (ATG)

The Advanced Technology Group (ATG) was established to achieve its primary goal of “creating a virtual bridge between the developers of advanced technologies and the markets that need them.”

Many valuable and innovative technologies are not available because the laboratories, universities, and companies that produce them do not have the skill sets to handle the business side well. Furthermore, ATG can create products that the market needs as an “incubator” of these technologies. ATG’s sales channels and technical capabilities effectively raise market awareness and drive demand.


ATG organizes groups of engineers, technicians, and managers to focus on their goals. Once products and technologies are fully developed and commercialized, they will be launched for 1,800 distributors covering more than 80 countries.

The commitment of Advanced Technology Groups (ATG)

ATG is committed to finding critical technologies and transforming them into viable products. It enables ATG to develop and execute marketing and sales plans and implement ongoing product improvement and development strategies. ATGs also have the resources and access to drive superior performance, manage and grow new lines, and succeed in the marketplace within the required timeframe.

Services of the Advanced Technology Groups (ATG)

Here are some essential services provided by the Advanced Technology Groups:

Advisory and Transformation Services

ATG offers a wide range of vision and strategic solutions from quotes to cash to help midsize and large enterprise customers compete in today’s rapidly evolving service industry.

Quote to Cash Assessment and Strategy

Managing Quote to Cash effectively is critical to running your business efficiently. Acquiring new customers, maintaining and upselling existing customers, and providing proper customer care is critical to all service providers.

Ensuring that the architecture is consistent with business objectives is a central challenge for all CIOs. So, the continuous evolution of enterprise architectures and the rapid emergence of the cloud is forcing many customers to rethink their architecture and technology roadmaps.

Implementation Services

ATG is passionate about developing reusable content, accelerating customer success, and accelerating business growth. The emergence of a solution center approach has increased training, tools, and methodologies. ATGs also have been dedicated to building their tools and intellectual property (IP) for nearly 15 years, supporting Quote to Cash’s reputation as a sort leader and premium implementation partner.

Advanced Technology Groups (ATG) Monetization Ecosystem

ATG Monetization Ecosystem provides a comprehensive view of the technology components associated with customer and revenue management in the rapidly evolving service provider industry.

Today, most executives are familiar with concepts such as CRM-SFA, eCommerce, partner relationship management, and payment processing. This format helps identify the high-level categories of features required for a particular customer. This diagram is also helpful for various applications, highlighting areas requiring investments to achieve corporate goals.

ATG Application Support Services

ATGs Application Support Services provide an ad hoc labor solution to expand IT and technical support resources to help companies respond to various needs in less time. By strategically integrating the talents and workforce of specially qualified analysts and ATG’s experienced implementation experts, you can make the most of the post-implementation Q2C system.

Benefits of ATG Application Support

Reliable deployment

In fact, our team focuses on helping our customers get the most out of their deployment investment, promoting full adoption by all key users. It also help in getting the customer team ready to maintain the new operational environment properly.

Important lifeline

Customers can ensure a lifeline for specialized domain and product expertise to address the remedies, tweaks, and adjustments that are inevitable when deploying new applications. This lifeline also includes proper access to the consultants responsible for the initial deployment and maintains a critical knowledge base.

Vendor touchpoint

Our app support team and ATGs maintain strong relationships with vendors such as CPQ, CLM, SPM, Commerce, Billing, etc. It also provides access to our product teams. It maximizes visibility into vendor roadmaps and escalations of product functionality.


In conclusion, ATG has a very successful and repeatable model for system customization and implementation. So, we are committed to delivering solutions that meet deadlines, budgets, and end users’ complete satisfaction.

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