5 best PS3 controller chargers

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PS3 controller chargers

You can find any random PS3 controller charger, but if you are looking for expert advice to choose the best one for your needs then you have come to the right place. PS3 has become a real craze among avid gamers. Due to its popularity, Nintendo released both PS4 and PS5. We all know how important PlayStation controllers are. We need to handle them very carefully. Controllers are like a stick with which you can create magical gameplay. We all know how important PlayStation controllers are. We must handle them with extreme care. Controllers are like a wand with which you can weave magical gameplay. One of the factors that we should always keep in mind when it comes to controllers is that they need to be properly charged.

Here we have a detailed list of the best 5 PS3 controller chargers that you can use without interruption. Just look at the list and select anyone according to your needs and preferences.

1.     dreamGEAR PS3 Quad Charging Dock

As the name suggests, the Quad Dock is a charging station that can charge up to four PS3 controllers at the same time. This charging station will only charge PlayStation 3 controllers and is not suitable for PS4 controllers due to ports.

It also works with some aftermarket controllers, but it needs a valid mini USB to fit. The controllers fit easily and allow it to be placed vertically, as we’ve tested. When placed vertically it takes up no space and now serves as a decoration in the living room.

2.     Nyko Charge Base

Sounds simple, this is another one that can only charge two PS3 controllers at the same time, without any hidden features. The charger has magnetic adapters that attach to the controller and make it easy and quick to use. With an adapter, the controllers fit snugly and won’t go anywhere without your attention.

It doesn’t fit vertically, although we didn’t test it because its design made us feel like it would only hold controllers horizontally.

3.     PlayStation 3 energizer power and play

It also allows you to charge 2 controllers at the same time. And the whole process will only take 2.5 hours. It has a beautiful, impressive, functional and elegant style that enhances the look of your controllers. There are LED indicators that inform you about the charging status of the controllers. Red means the controller is still charging and green means the controller is fully charged.

The charger is highly efficient as it supports UL approved AC power cord.

4.     Beastron Dual USB Charger Station Dock

This is an efficient charger for your PS3 controllers. This allows you to charge two controllers at the same time and thus saves you valuable time. Charging does not require an external power supply. Instead, you can directly use the PS3 console’s USB interface. It has a blue LED indicator that accurately reflects your controller’s charging status and it only comes in black. It is lightweight and portable.

5.     Insten Dual USB Charger Dock for PS3 Controller chargers

Another cheaper entry from Insten, but it differs from the other in most of the designs. For the cheapest chargers, Insten did its job perfectly and at the same time looked good. Although some people may not like the LED indicators that are around the base, we noticed that it does not catch our eye much.

In terms of price, you can’t expect to get anything durable, but if you’re not tough, the station will be fine and will do its job, and if you want you can wall it out with a USB wall adapter.


Choosing the best product isn’t easy, and for many of them, it can take a long time. However, in this guide, my goal is to help you guys find the best PS3 controller chargers for your needs. I hope you can find the right PS3 controller chargers for your use. If you are still trying to find it, feel free to comment below or contact me.

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